Insecurtities of a Man in Success of a Women

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Why is it when a women wants to go out for a girly day or just with her sister a man suddenly decides that he is neglected? Why is it at this point does a man say we never do anything? when you have spent the last week with him?  Hmmm does this not piss anyone off? I know it does my head in.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what women do men will always find something to pick on you about and when you correct it they pick another hole in you. Why do men have to be so insecure is it becauce we are successful and they are intimidated or perhaps they ar simply just jealous and don't want you anywhere without them?  yeah like thats gonna happen!

Women are so carefree yet homemakers at the same time why can we balance it out and  have happiness but  these unsatfied GRUMPY MEN can't get it right. God help us.

I have come to the conclusion that when we are successful and happy they want to be the cause of why we are smiling and why we have funds in the bank, they want to be responsible for all the triumph in our lives. But you know when we hand them the torch and have children or submit to their will and don't work GUESS WHAT they whinge about BILLS, and  yep you guessed it want us to work again.  Will this vicious circle of their MANHOOD ever stop tourching us?

I URGE all women to stand strong be successful and strive for their dreams not matter what and the answer to will it ever stop tourching us is YES. When we stand strong and have a driving force with no brakes we will conquer our dreams and Husbands. And remember just when you feel like that you are going to give up just remember therse words and I quote "Just when you feel like you can't take and give anymore stand tall because at breaking point comes success which is why so many people fail jut before they suceed"

Embrace your drive for ambition and live your life not someone esles.

Success in family, marriage and money is all up to us.


In Love and Light Always Shine Bright



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