Install Roof Mounted DVD Player in Your Car All DIY

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Having a  Roof Mount DVD Player along with an LCD monitor in your car can provide you and the entire family with the best entertaining experience that you could ever expect on long hours of traveling.

However, a lot of people think that installing a car DVD player will take a lot of time and effort and may even require them to hire an expert in able to install it in their car. Therefore, instead of buying for a car DVD player, they would just suit themselves in listening from the usual built-in radio available in their car just to avoid the extra cost for installation.

Remember that we are in now in modern times, wherein life is made easier. Foods that take a lot of time and effort to cook before can now be cooked in minutes. Picture which takes a long time to be developed then can now be produced and see its outcome in a glimpse, communications and important messages which usually travel miles over time before can now be done sent and received in just a click of hand. Even tasks today are made easier through the use of modern appliances such as washing machine, microwave oven and vacuum.

Of course, even car gadgets have to go along with the flow of our modern time. Roof mounted DVD player can now be installed too in no time and less effort without the need of hiring other person to install it.

Steps in installing a car DVD player may seem like overwhelming but if you will come to analyse and started doing the same, you’ll find it simple and easy since the material to use are just available around your house and the procedures are so easy to follow especially if you have a little background on wiring and connection methods.

Take a look at these few simple materials and steps in installing a mounted car DVD player to learn how to install by yourself:

Materials to use:

Philips-head screwdriver
Flat-headed screwdrivers
Electrical drill
Electrical tape
Utility knife
Wire crimper
FM modulator
Torx driver
Volt ohm meter

Here is how:

• Decide first on where you plan to place the car DVD player. Be sure to place it in a position wherein no one can be harmed and that everyone in the car will be in a comfortable watching position.

• Outline the bracket where you plan to place the overhead player. Make sure that both sides are in equal distance. A player usually comes with a bracket as an accessory.

• Start wiring. Locate the fuse box first and diffuse the vanity light to avoid obstruction while doing the installation. If you intend to place the player in front of the driver’s seat, drop the one side of the headliner. Thus, all the wires will be open for further connection.

• Remove other accessories. Aside from unfastening the above said accessories, the upper and lower trim panel levelling the sun visor using a flat-headed screwdriver. Unfastened also the seat belt attached to the upper pillar using the torx driver. Other remaining clips, screws and the kick panel that can be seen over the fuse box in the front part of the car shall be unfastened too.

• Drill holes. Cut out the headliner’s draft first before drilling holes. Take note that there should be a beam to balance and support the DVD player and then pit four drill holes on the beams. Make sure that the holes are at the center of the beam.

• Work on the connections. Hold the player in order for you to connect the wires through the headliner. You may refer to manual guide for your visual reference to avoid entanglement. Once you are done with the wiring, hide the wires that you had removed earlier at the back of the panels.

• Connect the remaining audio and power wires too to avoid having short circuits. Join all wires to a 12 volt source. After connecting all the wires, crimper the ends of the wires and cut then secure it with electrical tape.

• Plot the FM modulator. Place it near to the DVD player unit. For the last step, connect an audio cable to the FM modulator and set the device at a provided radio frequency. After completing the final procedure, you may set things back into its place such as the panels, headliner and seat belt.

• Finally, you are done installing a roof mounted DVD player in your car. Imagine how much you should have spent for a professional fee for a job is so easy.

Now, if you still find the above-sais steps overwhelming since you are not familiar with the car’s electrical wires, or you want a better result, it is still best to seek for a help from a professional installer.

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