Installation Instructions. Passage Set on Round Rose.

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Step 1 - Mark and Drill Door

  • Measure door thickness and mark centre.
  • Drill 25mm latch hole
  • Note: It is important to drill this hole squarely.
  • Drill two 6.0mm dia. holes adn one 25mm dia. hole through door face at required backset. (Dimension A)

Step 2 - Mark and Chisel Door

  • Mark and chisel door edge for latch face-plate.   Chisel the recess to a depth that allows the latch faceplate to sit flush with the door edge.  Use latch faceplate as template.
  • Insert latch (A) and fasten with wood screws provided.

Step 3 - Install levers to Door.

  • Insert square drive spindle (B) through latch door.
  • Identify which side of the door each lever assembly will need to be located to allow both levers to move in a downward motion once installed.
  • Uscrew the rose covers (C) from both lever assemblies.
  • Place one lever assembly (D) on to the square drive spindle.
  • Place other lever assembly (E) into position, locating it onto the other end of the spindle.
  • Fasten both lever assemblies together with screws provided.  Tie bolt screws are provided with snap off points.  Please snap off to an appropriate length to suit the door thickness.  Place screws through the rose which has countersunk holes, through latch and into the threaded hole of the opposite rose. Then tighten the screws.
  • Screw the Rose covers (C) over the inner roses on each side.


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