Installing Sim Card in i68+ & i9+++

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This is a guide for the i68 or i9+++ Sciphone. It will tell you how to install 1 or 2 sim cards via dual sim card setup. It is very easy to do and will make sure your phone will function the correct way when using the dual sim card setup. Dual sim card means you can use 2 sim cards from 2 seperate mobile phone carriers or the same carrier at the same time.

How To Install The i9 Sim Cards Correctly: I know that this is going to sound simplistic to some, so please forgive me.  But, I can't tell you how many emails I get from people who think that the phone isn't working correctly because they have the card incorrectly installed.  The phone can't read the information if you have it installed wrong.  And, it's not as intuitive as you might think.  Many people will install both cards with the gold side facing down.  But, this will work on only one slot.
Card number one is placed in the slot closest to the battery cover of the phone (the top of the two.)  It should be placed with the gold side down and the edged corner facing to the right.  Card number two is placed in the slot closest to the actual battery (on the bottom) with the gold side facing up and the edged corner facing to the left.

Install SIM 1 in Top Slot:

Install SIM 2 in Top Slot:

After you install the SIM card (either Single SIM or Dual Sim),
turn on the phone and you should be able to see the service provider name on the screen as shown below:

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