Interior Decorating Ideas - Mirror Magic!!!

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Mirrors Can Change The Look And Feel Of A Room

Do you wish you could quickly and easily revamp a room in your home?

An effective and simple way to give a new look to a cramped or dark area is to add a very basic interior decorating tool - a mirror!

Mirrors are so useful as the light they reflect brightens up that area of the room. Light sources from other areas will reflect off the mirror and instantly cheer up a dark corner. Depending on where you place the mirror, you can also achieve the illusion of added space. Simply from the strategic placement of a mirror, a room will appear to be much larger than it really is. It's all just a trick of the eye! The mirror makes the room look as though it extends as far as the reflection! This is a very effective way of adding a sense of added space to any area.

The type and size of mirror will naturally depend on what style of furnishings you have, available space and also your budget. Think outside the square! Not all mirrors have to be mounted on a wall and they can be added to any style of decor. Decide what would add to the design of your room. Prop them on a shelf behind ornaments, in a bookcase or open sideboard or even stand them on the floor, remembering to take the safety of passing traffic into consideration of course. You can also scatter mirrored objects throughout the room to continue the reflective theme and bounce a few more light beams around!

Simple, Low Cost Mirror Effects That You Can Do Yourself

An easy, cost effective way to add mirrored surfaces to a room is by using self adhesive tiles which have a mirror finish. The beauty of these tiles is that you can add a mirrored effect to anything that has a smooth surface. You don't have to be a tradesman or need special tools to do it either! The tiles are 15cm square and come in handy packs of 40. The best thing about them is that they can be cut to size or into any shape you want with juat a normal pair of scissors.  Think walls, doors, jaded kitchen or bathroom tiles, shower screens, ornaments, furniture - even windows. The possibilities are endless!

Jazz up plain vases, photo frames or candleholders; cover cardboard boxes; cut out shapes like flowers, animals or letters for the kids' bedrooms; use for safety strips on glass sliding doors, add sparkle for parties or Christmas - I could go on forever, but I'll leave it up to your imagination.

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration and ideas about easy and enjoyable ways to breathe new life, light and space into your interior home decor.

Where to find self adhesive mirror finish tiles.

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