International postage for US sellers - It's so easy!

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I have found that US based sellers are reluctant to sell to overseas buyers. There is really no good reason why this should be the case. I will outline below just how easy it is to ship to international locations. Remember - the more places you ship to, the larger your audience and the larger your sales and auction prices will potentially be. Most importantly, shipping internationally costs you nothing more, and is no more difficult than posting to the US.

For example, let's say a buyer contacts you and asks "How much is shipping to Australia?". Some uninformed sellers might say "No idea. US only", or some other malformed sentence.

Here is your chance to be different, and make the sales that the others are losing!

Step 1: Weigh your item
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Select "Australia" from the drop down list, and click the "Package" button
Step 4: Enter the weight of your item in pounds and click continue

That's it ! You will be presented with a few different options, and "Airmail Parcel Post" is usually the best balance of delivery time and cost. Insurance for items can added if required by clicking the "Add Extra Services" button.

You can of course present your buyer with a choice of postage methods, and let them choose what suits them best.

Whatever they choose, the Buyer pays all postage costs - so it doesn't cost you a dime more. See how easy this is? If the buyer chooses a postal method that costs, for example, $45, then the buyer must pay you $45 on top of the winning bid.

After the buyer's payment has cleared, you simply post the item at the post office - but there is a small green customs form that you just have to fill out. It takes about 20 seconds to complete, and does not cost you a dime. The postal employees will be able to help you with this. They see literally thousands of these per day.

Any duties owing on the item at the buyers end are entirely the responsibility of the buyer. So you don't pay a dime here either!

You are done. The buyer gets his item and you've got a great price for your item while expanding your market. Everybody wins.

Let me recap the key points here:
1. Use usps shipping calculator at
2. Present buyer with their postage options and prices.
3. Once you have received payment for item and chosen shipping method, package items securely and take them to post office.
4. Congratulations! You've just shipped internationally, so why not tell your friends how easy it is!

Notes: *Some items such as explosives, fuels, gases etc are forbidden by the postal service. Ask at your post office or check on if you require further information.
*Quarantine restrictions apply on some items too. Check with your post office for further information.
* You should never ship items until the funds are in your account.

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