Internet Radio by i Lagio usb device

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At last we are set free from dreary commercial radios riddled as they are with endless advertisements .

Internet radio is here in the form of a little USB device called i Lagio. What it does is condense the world's radio stations  broadcasting on the internet into one programme that runs as a USB mass storage device.

This provides over 10000 , that's right ten thousand ! stations covering every type of music genre from metal to Mozart so no matter what your taste is you will find dozens of stations from all over the world playing it now, most without annoying ads.

I bought mine for $29 from the big on line store Deals Direct that trades on Ebay. Nothing else to pay so simply plug and play. You can record your favourite music that saves onto the computer's Cdrive My Documents. The format is WMA so you might need to change it to MP3 with  one of the many free online 'switch' programmes. Once saved you can transfer the music to a flash drive or player.

The only issue with i Lagio is Kbps connection speed. Depending on your internet provider you may experience drop out surfing between slow 16Kbps up to 128Kbps stations. I've found broadcasts at 128 run all day where as 32 is frequently interrupted.

With no moving parts, no ongoing costs, pocket portable, it is just fabulous. If your computer is on you have free music 24/7.

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