Internet sharing and networks

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This is to help those people who want to set up networks but don't know how. A network is a group of computers linked together so they can communicate and share files, if you ever been to a LAN party or internet cafe then you're seeing a network. Networks can be complicated, there's buisness networks which could be complicated and home networks which can be both simple and complicated. There are two types of networks, a wireless or a wired. Wireless networks are easy to set up and don't need cabling but performance decreases if you move further away from the access point (usually a router). Cabled networks can have a range of up to 150m and usually cost less if you have time to wire up your house. If you have both desktops and laptops then I'd suggest having both networks, wireless and wired. Wireless should be great for laptops as you have the freedom to move around without cords and cables getting in your way. Wired are for desktops as you won't be moving them around.

First you'll have to decide what to buy, the wireless routers usually come at 108mbps or 54mbps, most laptops nowadays come with wireless networking built in as a standard, and for those older ones that don't come with them, you'll have to buy a laptop wireless networking card either 54mbps or 108mbps. 54mbps is fine for internet surfing or emails but not for transfering large files from one PC to another or having more than ten PCs on the wireless networks as it will slow down and same for the internet if all are used at the same time.

Wired networks; there's speed of 10mbps, 100mbps or 1000mbps/1gbps, there are many wireless routers now that have both wired and wireless network functions which are great for the home, if you have more than one desktop PCs then a wired network would be great for setting the internet for both PCs.

By the way mbps mean Mega Bits Per a Second and gbps mean Giga Bits Per a Second

Hope you have learnt something and read reviews before you buy something, just type in what you want to find with 'review' behind it in Google, www.
Good luck with networking!!

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