Investing Money In Stamps & Coins

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Industry Overview

Historically the purchase of stamps and coins for the purpose of investment has proven to have a greater return than many of the conventional methods of investment.

Right back to ancient Roman times rare coins have been accumulated for their historical importance and propensity to increase in value. The collection of stamps in more recent times has also proven to be wise investment options.

Investing in stamps and coins can be potentially lucrative. Leading New York Investment house, Solamon Brothers in their 1989 Investment report rated coins as “the top Investment performer from 1969-1989”. The report further stated that rare stamps have been the 4th highest rate of return at 10%, higher than bond rates (9.6%) and much stronger than foreign exchange rates (4.4%).

Similarly, within Australia Access Economics in September 2002 rated coins and stamps ahead of traditional Investments such as Australian shares, Sydney house prices, Australian Bonds, Bills and Gold.


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