Investing in sports memoranilia

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This guide is designed to assist you in the purchase of  memorabilia as an investment.


1. The rarer the item the more it might be worth.

If there is only one of an itm on ebay it might be very rare indeed, check previous listings to see if it has been sold before. If hundreds have been and gone before hand you are not looking at a bargain. Rarity and collectability are the key. The age of an item ads to this. What is rarer memorabilia from Collingoods first premiership win or Sydney Swans first win. Answer: Collingwood because it is older it will be worth a bucketload more!!!


Popularity of a team or item.

In some circumstances memorabilia that is not rare can still be worth quite a pretty penny, just because enough people want a piece of it. The market may be flooded with Makybe Diva memorabilia but punters are still willing to fork out a bit to get that special momento. Even though there may be rarer possibly more valuable items out there the Makybe Diva stuff may still be good and may make a fine investment for the future. How much would a betting slip for pharlaps 1930 melbourne cup go for? probably a real lot, so why not invest in a cheap makybe diva stub and hold it for 70 odd years. Worth a though I reckon

Invest in the best.

Don Bradman is the best cricketer of all time. No memorabilia investment portfolio would be complete without a signed momento of the Don. They will only become rarer overtime and Bradmans legend will only grow with time. He is not one of these stars that will be forgotten and value will decrease. By investing in something great like Donald Bradman memorabilia I dont think you can lose, plus it looks pretty classy in your pool room, which brings me to my next point.

Invest for fun and not necessarially for profit.

Investing in memorabilia can lead to having an awesome pool room that is the envy of your mates. Anyone can put up a few beer signs flogged from your local bottlo but true class comes from classic sports memorabilia. It is a good way to blow some hard earned coin and show your love of sports. I recomend below some of my tips for memorabilia for certain sports

Basketball: Michael Jordan will be popular for a long time to come, for local memorabilia Andrew Gaze is the way to go. Cant go wrong with Gaze, especially Boomer stuff.

Football: Collingwoods one eyed army ensures that memorabilia is popular, Invest in buckly now for the future.

Cricket: Boony leads the way. Talking Boony, Boony Tshirts, cards, posters anything with the big man is gold. Don Bradman is OK too!!!!

Boxing: Look outside Australia for this stuff Muhamid Ali is the go.

Soccer: Get into the current socaroos gear. Could be worth a bundle if they go alright.

Horse Racing. Phar lap or the Diva cant go wrong.

Greyhound racing: Temlee gear is the go, or for a wonderful addition to any pool room get a Lonley Boy photo.



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