Invisible Listing Upgrades (The Emperor's New Clothes)

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Well Well .  Here we go again.
I  am an ebay'top 1000' reviewer which is ironic, as all my reviews are about ERRORS IN EBAY DOMAIN PROGRAMMING..................
I am sick of being the patsy who finds SOME of eBays programming stuff ups, talk for hours on end to the help lines, who tell me "Clear your Cookies" or "It's an Indexing issue, give it time to Show "

I will try to keep this brief.

You want to sell something Internationally while listing on OZ eBay, so you decide to make it stand out in the search engine and you opt for one of those swish, and VERY expensive listing upgrades to show up in the search lists prominently.
I know for a fact if you choose 'Border' for $2.49 or 'Highlight' for $3 (combo for $5.49) it will show up on OZ ebay as you wanted it to.

Any of your potential buyers logged into other eBay domains (UK , USA) will not see those enhancements.  There is no note in the pricing for listing fees to tell you, that you just bought a complete set of the Emperors new clothes for your listing. (you think it looks great, but your 'subjects' know you are 'Nude')

To check if this error is so, find an OZ ebay listing with either or both option, make sure they have selected Worldwide in post options, then log into UK or USA , search for them and see if what I say is so.

I listed  one like that then went and had a look,  then spent 3 visits on the help line for over 3hrs. 

I got a full fee refund.  but it will never be changed.   Why? (tell me if it does!!)

Because the only valid listing upgrades overseas are Gallery, Bold and Featured.  So their eBay domains won't display your OZ listing upgrade.

And of course the stumblebums in  UNhelp (eBay live but barely kicking) still haven't worked  it out.  All I got out of them was "Upgrades take upto 24 hours to get indexed, please be patient"

Until they TELL you it won't show overseas, on the listing enhancements description and fee structure, I reckon its misleading information by way of Omission.
 If you wanted it to showcase something to overseas sellers, then it ain't happening, try what I got successfully, a FULL REFUND.

Vote for me please (a YES of course!!)

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