Is my Honda Mower Engine Made in China?

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Is my Honda Engine made in China?

Hi All,
We have put together this little blurb to help dispel all the myth & innuendo surrounding the place of manufacture of the well known Honda GXV160 5.5HP engine so loved by many.
In short, the confusion created by Hondas advertising meant to simply alert buyers on Honda warranty v's other makers supplier warranty, has caused buyers to question the origin of engine manufacture. What Honda did not want to promote was the cold hard fact that ALL Honda GX160 & GXV160 5.5hp engines are indeed manufactured in China & have been since 2005 by the co-operation & joint venture of the Jialing Honda Motor Co.
(Yes you can google this fact for yourself)
As of the 1st of January, it was decided to make some visual changes so Australian buyers can distinguish easily the difference between buying a Honda branded mower with Honda engine, or another brand of mower equipped with a Honda engine that is warranted by the supplier. This can be seen easily simply by viewing the engine cowling cover colour. Honda MPE Aust has opted to stick to their traditional RED engine cowling colour, while other brands now have the new BLACK engine cowling. Same engine, just different cowling colour.
In-fact DMC Mower Australia prefers the Black as it tends not to fade to the dirty pink like the red has proven to do.We hope this assists you in making an informed choice when choosing your new mower. Feel free to contact us should you have any further queries.
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