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Can you establish that a watch is authentic by asking the seller?

No you cant.  I have a hobby of buying fake watches to see the quality and to keep informed of whats in the market.  I also report the sellers to eBay.

Every seller I have purchased from in the last 4 years has assured me their watches are genuine - until I send them pictures of the differences between their fake and the real watch.  I also open the watch and photograph the movements because they are never genuine and that is the ultimate proof.
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How can you tell is a watch is authentic?

Firstly, go the manufacturers website and look at the image and features of the watch.  This is what you should find in the listing.  If the specifications vary then you need to ask the seller why.

Secondly, check out the seller.  Do they have a good reputation for selling quality items?  Are they a seller of that product line?  For example do they only sell one or two watches?  If so then it is unlikely they are sourcing stock from a manufacturer's distributor otherwise they would have access to the entire range.  Of course if they are a hobby buyer and seller they can only offer what they have purchased.

Ask for the name of their distributor.  All reputable distributors will have a website and you can check them out by conducting a search on Google.  Our suppliers have always been willing to provide proof of the source of the watch and one of them offers a $1000 reward to anyone who can prove the watch is fake.  We also offer that guarantee!

When you receive the watch how does it look?  Does it have a manufacturer's tag? Does it come with the manufacturer's manual and warranty certificate?  Are they a good quality print?

People often claim that if a watch doesn't come in a box it is not genuine.  This is not correct.  Not all Casio watches come in their own box.  The F91W depicted here is shipped in bulk from Casio in a white cardboard with a UPC tag attached.  It is then up to the dealer to decide if they want to sell the watch in a box, which they purchase separately from Casio.   Shipping watches in boxes can add to the cost and make it prohibitive for dealers to sell that watch.

In summary.....

If the offer looks to good to be true, then it probably is.  If the seller wont offer information to establish the source (provenance) of the watch, then its history is doubtful.

And dont be concerned about asking another seller for an opinion....
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