Is the Angry Birds game just a phone app or more?

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The main reason why Angry Birds are so addictive is the fact that the game is simple enough for anyone to play it and at the same time you are faced with some challenging levels at just the right times, that is, when you start feeling too confident and when your actions are becoming automated. In other words, the learning curve starts from a very low point, then slowly upwards, and at the right moment it becomes very steep. Since you have had no problems with completing previous levels and you have acquired the idea that with little practice and learning you could overcome this obstacle so you are persistent to continue trying until you are successful. This is sometimes referred to as “the unfinished job syndrome” and that is the reason which makes people go over and over again to try and complete levels in games (at least in those with good management of user experience). Timing is crucial here and that’s what game the developers did great. If the initial period of simplicity is too long, users simply become bored and uninstall the app (remember all those “five-minute glory apps you installed, started playing, got bored and uninstalled), but if it is too challenging at the beginning you simply give up.

We can all learn something about life from this little Game App.

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Keep it simple and interesting.

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