Is your GOLD Real or Fake???

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One of the main concerns when buying Gold Jewellery on EBay is am I getting the genuine thing?

Also how can I be sure I'm not buying plated gold, rolled gold, filled gold ~ all which will wear with time & leave you with a worthless piece.

It can be difficult to tell especially when its a good fake & theres alot out there..

Some of my tips are:

  1. Check for stamps inside the ring band. All real gold pieces must be stamped to show the is illegal not to
  2. 9ct gold will be stamped 375 or 9ct or 9ct, 18ct gold 750, 18, 18ct or 18kt & so on
  3. My BEST ADVICE though is to BUY UK hallmarked items & I'm not just saying that because its what I sell, I'm advising that as UK has very strict Laws about gold content & also a very highly detailed hallmarking system....the best in the world. In Britain Hallmarking has a long history dating back 700 years & representing the earliest form of consumer protection. A Hallmark  must consist of the Sponsors /Makers mark,the fineness number (9ct,18ct,22ct etc) and an Assay Office mark (commonly London, Birmingham, Edinburgh etc) This means that the article has been independently tested by an Assay office and guarantees that it conforms to a specified legal standard of purity. Type Birmingham Assay office into your internet search engine & view the History & Hallmarks Tab then Current Hallmark Symbols Tab for more interesting info on this subject
  4. Take it to a Jewellers, not a chain Store ie Prouds etc, but a Jewellers Shop which has a real Jeweller working in it.
  5. If you buy gold regularly from different Sellers ( I advise find a good Seller whom you know sells genuine gold & stick with them) then it may be worth investing in a gold testing acid kit. These are quite reasonably priced & are a good way to ensure you're getting what you've paid for. Bear in mind that with plated items & the like you should (in an inconspicuous place) scratch the surface with a blade first to make sure you're not just testing the plate.
  6. 99% of all items I sell are Hallmarked...some older pieces may have lost their stamps due to resizing etc & in that case I acid test them & have recently purchased a professional gold testing machine to be 100% sure
  7. A Seller on Ebay namely Pawnbrokers world has some excellent guides (i can't do better than him) & I advise if you have time to take a look...heres his link

Cheers & hope this helps....Regards Karen



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