Is your Garden Shed the best place to store chemicals?

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G'day and welcome to my guide on household pesticide storage.

First of all I would like to mention that the storage of pesticides is a regulated procedure and a brief suggestion should be clearly displayed on the packaging of each substance. Moreover, it is always worth checking with your Local or State Government to clarify any questions or concerns. This guide it meant to help you to find out general information if you looking for the best solution to store pesticides in your house or in your garden shed.

The best possible solution is to avoid using artificial pesticides as much as you can.  Here are a few handy tips which might help you cutting back on such substances:

  • Reduce the needs for plant production products by choosing native or other hardy plants that are not too susceptible for insect and disease attacks.
  • Use weed mat where you can and make weeding a family time, get everyone involved. It will be fun!
  • Use manual pest control methods including flyswatters, traps and glue boards.
  • Bath pets and their bedding regularly.
  • Install screens in doors and windows and seal any gaps.
  • Keep tree branches and shrubs well trimmed and clear gutters regularly.
  • Keep the house clean and free of food scraps.

The next best think you can do is to use organic products in and around your house to reduce your families and pets exposure to artificial chemicals. Always try to purchase the size that you will be using therefore you don't have leftover to store. If you manage to do this, that is great. All you have to do is disposing the empty container according to the instructions on the label. Never dispose of unused pesticide down the grain or on the ground.

However I know from my own experience that it is difficult to avoid having some pesticide around and that is when we get to our question of where and how we should store it. Is it better placed in the garage or in the garden shed?

As we discussed before, always read the instructions on the label. As a general rule, pesticides should never be transferred to a different container unless its original packaging is damaged. If this is the case, make sure you label the new container clearly.

Generally the chemicals should be stored away from food, medical supplies and in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight (always follow the storage instructions on the label).

According to above discussed details, the best spot seems to be your garden shed for chemical storage. Make sure it is locked, and even a lockable well ventilated box could be set up for such a purpose.

If you store regularly pesticides in your shed, it might be worth considering the installation of a small exhaust fan to ensure good ventilation.

I hope that above discussed information helps you to make a decision on chemical storage and if you have any questions or concerns regarding this subject, please contact your council or Local Government for advice.

Thank you for reading through my guide.

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