It's about the honey, not the money - care 4your buyer

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It really doesn't matter whether you are selling something for $.99 cents, or $999,000 dollars. I have found that every buyer has a real respect for you, if you respect them, and carry on reputably. I have been on the both buying and selling sides - as most of you have too -  and in one claim I have had to make, I stated to the fellow who robbed me of a $129 item (that was supposed to be a birthday gift from my partner to me), that he/she had sold their reputation for a mere $129.00 - and that made them inordinately CHEAP, as a seller and as a person. So, when you sell to anyone, remember that the buyer have values that they uphold JUST BY BEING AN eBAYER. And that is of great value to the eBay concept.
---   judyjon_n  ---- members for a few months now, in Australia.  ( August ? , 2006 ).

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