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Sellers and promo videos rate the EON 615 at 1000W.  (the 16 after the ‘6 is the speaker size – 16”) The actual RMS output is half that at only 500w! Why has JBL joined the cons who give max ratings? What! The fuse blew? Where is the fuse? You’re gonna love this....Undo 12 screws, disconnect the 2 speaker outputs, a power connector to the front LED, and unscrew the blue tooth antenna lead remove the circuit module and start looking...Give up? You'll find it surface mounted near the main heat-sink..No not in a fuse holder, soldered and glued to the circuit board! Covered in black heat-shrink...Oh, and now the warranty is also blown because you have to send it to a JBL authorized repair agent to ..change the fuse!
Did I mention the blue tooth is not able to play music? Only a 'beta' control app download is available for Android & Apple...JBL why??? So if you're looking at professional sound that will not let you down look further. The design is great and the material is strong, but the unit is let down by some major bits of 'stupid'. Is JBL just another sell out now? Or is this just a momentary lapse of reason?

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