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My name is John Deans and i migrated to this beautiful country in 1965

I retired in 1997 and was looking for an outlet to keep me from going crazy at home.

I ended up volunteering at St Pauls Elderly Citzen Home in Nolan Street Frankston which is now  called Benitas 

i have been an active volunteer there since 1998

This has turned out to be the most rewarding move i ever made as i have learned an unbelievable amount about life since i have been there

The rewards of volunteering are absolutely inspiring and i would recommend to anybody to take up this great challenge

Over the years I have taught my self typing, computers started a landscaping gardening class and my pride and joy which is my Singalong group which i run every second Friday and have called it Jock"s That's Entertainment

The singing group has been going for 9years . We focus on the age groups between 40 and 100years. Yes you read it right 100years old .

The songs we sing range from the war years  through to about the late 60s  and any kind from Scottish  English  Australian , Country Jazz  Blues, Love songs, indeed any well known songs from these years. Of course we do dress ups , dancing and tell lots of jokes

Every year we do a  Christmas Concert with well known themes like Fiddler On The Roof, My Fair Lady, the Andrews Sisters Etc Etc Etc 

I have at least 10 regulars and we have about a group of 20 nearly every fortnight.

It is our way of relieving the pressure of everyday living and we have an absolute ball



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