Janome Sewing Machine From eBay: Can I Get Spare Parts?

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Can I Get Spareparts for My New Janome Sewing Machine Purchased on eBay..?

As a patchwork teacher and fellow quilter, I have always been asked this question: 
"Can I get spare parts for my new Janome if I bought it on eBay?"
The answer is always a definite YES. 
Because Janome is a reputable global company. 
They provide spareparts and accessories for all models they carry in their current range, as well as many older models... 
This is no exceptions for models (past AND present) made for major retailers such as Myer, David Jones, Spotlight, Costco and Sears.
I know because I have recently bought a new foot to fit my old Janome bought from Myer more than 20 years ago!
Most of the Janome spare parts and accessories are universal to many different models. 
Popular parts such as Walking Foot, Darning Foot, and Quarter (1/4) Inch Foot are inexpensive and easy to find. 
Basic parts like these generally remain unchange, even when Janome brings out new models or new versions of current models.
To order the correct parts for your Janome, all you need to do is provide your shop or supplier with machine specifics - 
- Is your Janome "Front Loading" or "Top Loading"...? Does it have "High Shank" or "Low Shank"...? 
Any reputable dealers of sewing machine parts will be able to provide you with the right part that fits your Janome.
How do you find out your machine specifics? Your Janome Dealers, eBay Sellers or Sewing Machine Mechanics will be able to get this information for you.
In case you have an older model, contact any of the above or even Janome Australia themselves and provide a model number. They will be able to confirm for you.

So, where do I purchase these spare parts and accessories?

This is another question I've answered frequently...
Once you know your own machine specifics (e.g. Janome 19110 is Top Loading, Low Shank), then you can purchase from the following source:
  1. Authorised Janome Dealers. If there isn't one near you, check with....
  2. Your Local Sewing Centre. Even if they do not sell Janome, they may still be able to order the parts in specially. It pays to ask.
  3. Check with the seller of your machine to see if they carry spare parts and accessories. If they don't, then.....
  4. A Reputable eBay Seller is a convenient choice if there isn't a sewing centre near you. 
It may take some time to get used to quilting with your new Walking Foot, or machine piecing with your Quarter (1/4) Inch Foot. 
Be kind to yourself, and practice practice practice..... you can make lots of cushions and placemats while you are practicing :-)
I hope you find this guide helpful. If you do, please vote YES so I know that I am on the right track :-)
Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can clarify for you, or answer any burning questions you may have with sewing, patchwork and quilting..... I am always here if you need help, and happy to chat if you have stories to share!

And here's my " About Me":
Thank you for reading, and Happy Sewing!
P.S. Worried About Warranty? You can read all about it on my other guide.
BONUS Tip: If your shop or supplier of spare parts do not know the difference between "top loading" and "front loading", or "high shank" and "low shank".... you might want to consider trying another supplier.....
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