Jeep Cherokee KJ P0442 P0455 EVAP LEAK Check Engine Light

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P0442 P0455 EVAP LEAK Codes Check Engine Light

Jeep Cherokee KJ All
EVAP LEAK, Check Engine Light (Not all the time engine light comes up)

To Get A Code Of Your Vehicle Turn The Key To Start Position (Don't Start) and Back
(To Where You're Able To Take The Key Out But Don't Take It Out) Do This Three Times Then Leave The Key On Start Position To Get Code Of Your Vehicle.
P0442 P0455 EVAP LEAK Codes Make Sure your Fuel Fill Point Gas Cap is not Damaged if it is Replace The Gas Cap To See If The Problem Goes Away.
If the problem still there:
First: Check Canister Purge Valve Lines For Visual signs of Damage.
(Front of The Vehicle Canister Purge Valve Should be Setting on Side of the Battery Mount Bracket)
 Second: Check The Rear Canister For Any Damage or Any Hoses Has Damage Replace The Damaged Part.
(In Front of Gas Tank Under The Vehicle)
If You Have Found The Problem and Replaced The Damage items.

Now You Want To Clear The Error Code's Two Ways Your Able To Do This:
First: Take Negative Battery Cable Off and Wait For 5 Minutes Then Put It Back On Codes Should Clear.
Second: Just Leave Codes Alone and After 40 Start The Computer Will Fix the Codes It's Self.
If You're Not Able to PinPoint The Problem:
First: A Smoke Test Will Be Needing Done.
(You Can Make Your Own Smoke Test Machine But A Proper Testing Machine Will Be A Good Idea)
Don't Replace These Parts until your done the above mentioned method:
Canister Purge Valve (Sets On Left Side On Battery Bracket)
Canister Vent Valve (Sets On M-3/4 Up on Fuel Tank Hose Attached (Easy Detachable) With the Fuel Fill Point To Catch Gas Fumes)
EVAP Canister (In Front of Gas Tank Under The Vehicle)
In my Jeep front PCV Hoses was shot and Rear Canister one of the hose was shot Jeep feeling little smooth now after i change the hoses. Fill the Gas up in Jeep drove on Highway 100 Kms fuel tank gauge was little over 3 1/3 out of 4.

We hope this information helps.
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