Jeffliu8000 - Give Feedback Immediately

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I bought dresses through Jeffliu8000 which turned out to be terrible despite all the good reviews and no negative feedback.  I believe many other people have fallen into the same trap I did.  I tried to resolve the problem by contacting the seller, but all he did was push the time frame out so I am now unable to provide feedback (past 60 days apparently - which is almost never mentioned on eBay).  Paypal also will not help me as their time frame is 45 days to claim a dispute.  The seller is now simply just ignoring my emails, as what motivation does he have to help his customers now. 

He knew this all along and is dodgey in his dealings and his work.  He may seem nice and helpful when you first talk to him, but think to yourself - does he have my money? can I still provide feedback?

I would NOT recommend buying from Jeffliu8000 to start with, but if you simply must for some reason, PLEASE provide feedback immediately - do not try to do the right thing by resolving it with him first he will only scam you like he has many other people. 

It is hard to really know whether a power seller with 100% positive feedback is a good seller, but cover yourself unlike some of us have.  I understand this was my fault for trusting someone who clearly is not worthy, but I just do not want anyone else to make the same mistakes I did. 

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