Jessica Simpson Lipgloss Hype.........

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Just letting you know that I have tried her lipgloss collection....Dessert treats.


And I must say that I was somewhat impressed. It seems such a shame that there is so many available at such a low price! But buyers will be sure to get a half decent product.

They are sweet, shimmery and leave a slight touch of colour to your lips, are quite moisturising and do give your lips a nice tingly sensation.....not to sure about the plumping is very minimal but overall quite a nice effect.


They aren't drying....some glosses leave your lips dryer due to the ingredients.....! 

A lipgloss should be moisturising, non-sticky, be comfortable on your lips, not thick or heavy, leave a touch of colour, last for a while without being drying or irritating to the skin around your lips and not clog the pores.

If you find that your lips are drying, or getting visable dry skin on them try buffing with a dry face washer or towel but be gentle or you could do more damage! Another great treatment is after your shower use a microfibre or microdermabrasion cloth to gently buff you lips. These cloths r readily available on ebay n do a fantastic job! My skin is clear for the first time in years! And I have tried EVERY product! So another great must have item....

After you have buffed your lips - use a conditioning lipbalm such as Bonne Belle medicated far the most amazing product for dry sore lips. Truely a miracle cosmetic....another must have beauty item.

And your lips will be ready for another day of kissing n flirting!


I do recommend the dessert treats line.....a great girly item! Just make sure your partner likes the taste of it though LOL!

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