Jimmy Choo & Chloe Fake Handbags

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So you make think you have just scored a bargain leather designer hand bag.  Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Prada etc.  Our passion for designer handbags can sometimes get in the way of making good rational choices. 

But is it really leather? 

Did you know that it's getting harder to spot real leather from the fake leather?  Many sellers are claiming that it is leather when it is not.  Often it is a very thin plastic substance embossed on soft compressed fibre material to make it feel like 'super soft' calf leather. 

Unfortunately you just can't tell until you recieve it at home.

Forget the touch & feel test, smell it! 

If it does not smell like real leather, then its probably a very good imitation.  Also most real leather bags will have a small sample leather piece attached to the bag - the fake versions don't have this.  A word of warning if you plan to keep it.  Use it gently!  Over time, the thin layer starts to lift off revealing the horrible truth. 


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