Jimmy Choo Handbags!

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My Jimmy Choo Ramona handbag that I paid big $$$$ for has fallen apart after 2 months!  I was really excited when I finally won a Jimmy Choo Ramona bag.  It was gorgeous.  Patent leather with gold finishings.  I was the envy of a lot of women and I happily shared with them that I had purchased it on ebay! 

Now I just didn't purchase the first Ramona bag that came along!  I was careful to purchase it from a reliable ebayer that had a lot of great feedback and that wasn't selling lots of Ramonas (first sign its a fake).  I thought I was purchasing a 'gently used' personal seller's bag.  I too left 5 star feedback when I got my bag. 

So what happened to the bag?

After 1 month, a small gold button on the back of the large closing flap fell off. I shrugged this off.  No matter, no one can see it as it is on the other side.  Then the other one fell off and I thought - no problem, don't need them anyway - now its matches and no one will notice.

After 1.5 months - the front buckle came off!  Now its a problem as I can no longer close the bag and I can no longer use it.  I can't return it to the store and demand that they fix it or refund me.  Surely its supposed to last more than 1 month? 

The Warning!

As tempting as it may be to get your Jimmy Choo Ramona - or any other famous brand bag, just think about it carefully.  What was a real bargain is now a big waste of money!  If you already have one of these bags - USE IT GENTLY!  I was using it every day.  I guess you need to bring it out only on special occasions and use treat it with kit gloves.

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