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I love Jo Beverley’s books!  She is one of the few authors writing English-set novels who was actually born and raised in England!  She has an English history degree from Keele University in Staffordshire, although she now lives in Canada with her husband.  She has won many awards including two Career Achievement awards.  Here is a list of her novels, I hope you find it helpful!

Quote from Jo Beverly: "55% of all paperback sales are romance novels. Romances are a third more popular than mysteries and five times more popular than science fiction and fantasy. Over 2000 romance novels are published a year in North America for the reading pleasure of over 52 million readers.  A good romance novel is like real chocolate -- little bit sweet, a little bit dark, rich, sensuous, and completely delicious, and we are all very fortunate, blessed, really, to be readers, to be able to enjoy them."

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Regency Historicals (mostly Company of Rogues Series)

An Arranged Marriage 1991
An Unwilling Bride 1992
Christmas Angel 1992
Forbidden 1994
Dangerous Joy 1995
Forbidden Magic 1998
The Dragon’s Bride 2001
The Devil’s Heiress 2001
Hazard 2002
St Raven 2003
Skylark 2004
The Rogues Return 2006
Rescue a Rogue 2006
Other Volumes in this series:
Anthology: In Praise of Younger Men (contains The Demon’s Mistress)
Three Heroes: contains The Demon’s Mistress, The Dragon's Bride, The Devil's Heiress


Traditional Regencies (most out of print)

Lord Wraybourne’s Betrothed 1988
The Stanforth Secrets 1989
The Stolen Bride 1990
Emily and the Dark Angel1991
The Fortune Hunter 1991
Deirdre and Don Juan 1993
Anthology: A Regency Valentine (contains If Fancy be the Food of Love) 1991

The Malloren Series (Georgian Romance)

My Lady Notorious 1993
Tempting Fortune 1995
Something Wicked 1997
Secrets of the Night 1999
Devilish 2000
Winter Fire 2003
A Most Unsuitable Man 2005

Medieval Romances

Lord of my Heart 1992
Dark Champion 1993
The Shattered Rose 1996
Lord of Midnight 1998

Novellas in Anthologies

A Christmas Delight (contains Twelfth Night) 1991
Five Golden Rings (contains Twelfth Night) 2000
All Hallow’s Eve (contains Lord Samhain’s Night) 1992
Moonlight Lovers (contains The Demon’s Bride)
A Regency Christmas (contains A Mummer’s Play) 1995
A Spring Bouquet (contains Forbidden Affections) 1996
Married at Midnight (contains The Determined Bride) 1996
The Christmas Cat (contains A Gift of Light) 1996
Faery Magic (contains The Lord of Elphindale) 1998
Star of Wonder (contains Day of Wrath) 1999
The Brides of Christmas (contains The Wise Virgin) 1999
Writers of the Future IV (contains The Fruit Picker) 2001 – sci fi
Best of Writers of the Future (contains The Fruit Picker) 2001 – sci fi
Irresistable Forces (contains The Trouble with Heroes) 2004 – sci fi

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