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John Grisham - The Client

They were just two kids sneaking off to the woods for a quiet smoke, but what Mark and Ricky Sway witnessed that afternoon changed their lives forever.

First there was the long black Lincoln coming down an unused backroad to their hidey hole. Then a fat little man who got out of it with a hosepipe which he connected to the exhaust and pushed through a crack in the window. His intentions were obvious - suicide.

Eleven year old Mark Sway decides the man must be stopped, but his good intentions are ill rewarded when the man, now high on booze and pills, catches him removing the hosepipe and bundles him into the car. Brandishing a gun he introduces himself as Romey Clifford and tells Mark that since he's interfered with his suicide Mark will die with him.

As they wait for the fumes to take their toll, Romey tells Mark he was the lawyer for a top Mafia hit man, Barry 'the Blade' Muldano, who killed a US State Senator and then told Romey where the body was hidden. Barry, Romey and Mark are the only people in the world who know this terrifying secret - that is until Mark escapes and Romey blows his brains out.

Now only Mark and Muldano have the secret, a secret which the FBI want above anything else, and which Muldano will do anything to prevent them having. Including killing Mark. Between the twin threats of the FBI and Muldano there is only Reggie Love, a children's rights expert who has seen enough in her troubled life to know the deadly threats which hang over Mark and his family. Together they must take on the might of the State and the wiles of a cold-blooded killer.

The Client is the latest breathtaking thriller from the author of The Firm, The Pelican Brief and A Time to Kill, novels which established John Grisham as the most successful writer to sppear this decade. The Firm and The Pelican Brief are to be released shortly as major films.


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