Joining Up and Why?

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You can buy and sell literally anything on ebay secure in the knowledge that you are trading in a secure and long established online auction site that has been around for over a decade and a half. You can start up as a private buyer or seller and even start your own online ebay shop.

Firstly though you want to sign up for an account and here's how:

Step one. On the website there's a sign in page from here you click on the REGISTER button and it takes you to the registration form.

You can register as an individual or a business. Next step you will receive a confirmation email, this will step you through the remainder of the signing up process.

One this is done have a read of some of the FAQ'S and Tutorials in the Community section of ebay, there are forums and tutorials to help with any questions you may have.

Now you can start trading, my suggestion is if you're going to sell something watch other similar items and see what they sell for at end of auction. Don't be put off that you don't have any feedback at present as this is a huge worldwide community where over time you will build up feedback. From this feedback you can make a more informed decision of who you may buy from, especially when buying from overseas. It can be a little daunting in the begining as to how you buy and sell. There are many tools available for buyers and sellers alike. If selling Ebay has it's Turbo Lister program which you can download to make listing of your auction items easier.

Communication with your fellow traders is easy through the My Messaging portal, keep records of all your transactions, any disputes are easily worked out through a dispute panel (although they are extremely rare occurances in my opinion). You can manage your account on line in an easy to read listing.

Wondering how to pay and get paid, many options are available, be it direct deposit to your bank account, some stores take credit card, escrow and most popular with me Paypal a safe and easy instant transaction to sending and receiving money (not just limited to ebay items).

Now get on board search for that obscure item on your wishlist that you think nobody has for sale and prepare to be surprised! Happy Ebaying....

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