Junk or Treasure Jewellery Traps

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Well Well Well What a topic Junk or Treasure.

I think in writing this reveiw it is more frustration & anger that has urged me to do this little number.

As mentioned I have been involved in the Antique & Collectables Industry for over 20 years, including Auctioning & Importing / Exporting.

I am a gemmologist ( DgemG ) but took the option of furthering my career in the Antique Industry, now I've gone back to my roots, buying  selling  making  jewellery basically wheeling & dealing ! 

I have joined forces with my big love my partner of over 11 years & Angela is the buyer these days and enjoys travelling buying , deciding our fashion direction each year.

We enjoy selling on Ebay and also do specilized markets etc.

Soooo now to my tip with the reveiw of Junk or Treasure.

Sterling Silver & Costume

1. Make sure when buying jewellery be it "Costume or Sterling" that your seller is reputable !

On Ebay it is easy to find a "Good Seller" who has excellent feedback ( This means he is not only passionate but responsible for his items ) then out there in the real world. Make sure your item has the WoW factor...... but also that it is made well.

How many times do we buy a ring or bracelet earrings etc and with-in a week the stones fall out ( marcasites facetted gemstones & cabachons that are glued in & not set ) ask your seller is this the case when buying your item.

In Gemstones "Look Carefully" for a preferred rubbed setting or quality claw settings, as this is probably the best way that your stone will not go bye byes... In classic half round pearls & round single beads, make sure they are drilled & glued on a stem. ( Ask your seller if this is the case )

 Marcasites make sure that they are claw set ( manually ) otherwise you can gaurantee the stone will eventually go missing. ( normally glued and once this ages they lose there grip & the stone will give way).

So many designs are from moulded rubbers and even though you see the claws it is an illusion, as the stones are only glued in with the "make believe" that they are really manually set. ( Ask again your seller is it moulded or hand made)

Quality will always win hands down. paying a little extra and dealing with reputable sellers on Ebay is a great advantage as most of us will always answer & be responsible for our product.

Buying Silver remember gram weight, is it hollow ? or plated always look at the description .925 Sterling Silver... just silver is not always the case as it can be as low as .400 which is typical Afghan Indian & Peruvian. 

Ask your seller ... how many grams ? dimensions please ? are the stones manually set ? is this item .925 Sterling Silver ? All these questions are helpful for you the buyer

I hope this has helped..... enjoy your buying  & selling, and hope this tip might turn your junk to a treasure, and that you might enjoy your item for a long time without disappointment.


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