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1.always  go to the ebay site map first & look the specific catagory. ie if you want jeans, if you just ype in jeans in a general search, you willl get a million hits. but once you've gone to the site map you will be able to specify, womens mens etc, size, style new or used. MUCH EASIER.

2 DON'T get into a bidding war, you will only bump up your own price.

3. try & watch the item & bid in the last 5 seconds if you can.

4. aussie buyers, try the UK site, they are compatible for xbox & videos & postage prices are good.

5. if the seller says they won't post to your country DON'T GIVE UP, just ask them if they will, most sellers will oblige it's just that they've never thought about selling outside their own country.

6.GREAT COMMMUNICATION  is the best way to sell or buy.

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