KGV 1d Red Shades - Rough Paper

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The KGV 1d rough paper shades can be harder to identify than smooth paper.One reason being they were all printed within a short period , December 1916 to August 1918, & a lot were not used until the 1920's as many were inferior printings & therefore set aside & punctured OS.So date stamps are not conclusive to a particular shade , when the stamp is puncured OS. As most shade collectors know, there are quiet a few sub shades that are found only in OS, and 1 whole group, G78.

Also the quality of print is quiet often patchy, due to the rough paper, so there is a lot of white in the print, which makes identification more difficult.

G60 Deep Scarlet (Aniline) 1st Appeared in Dec 1916


G61 Deep Red (Aniline) 1st Appeared in Jan 1917


G62 Carmine (Aniline), 1st Appeared in July 1917



G63 Rose Red (Aniline) 1st Appeared in July 1917


G64 Brownish Rose 1st Appeared in August 1917


G65 Orange Red 1st Appeared Nov 1917. This is a dubious & rare shade group, according to the Redhead.In 2 meetings of prominent 1d shade collectors, only 3 stamps were offered as serious contenders for Orange Red, and the used copy produced was dated Nov 1917, just like this one.


G66 Pink 1st Appeared in Feb 1918 . The UV is the same as eosin shades on smooth paper.


G67 Rose Pink 1st Appeared in Feb 1918


G68 Rosine 1st Appeared Feb 1918


G70 Deep Rosine 1st appeared in Feb 1918


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