KIRBY Vacuum Cleaners - The Myths Explained!

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Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Myths Explained

Over the years, I have heard a million and one myths about Kirby vacuum cleaners, from buyers, competition sellers, as well as sales agents for the kirby company and distributors themselves.......... Well as a former distributor of the product, Im going to try and clear up a few of these myths for you today.

Myth #1: Its Illegal to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners on eBay.
Absoluteley and completeley FALSE!
There is no truth in this statement whatsoever. This is a myth that kirby distributors tell thier sales agents to stop them advertising their product over eBay. Sales agents will also repeat this myth to thier potential customers to scare them away from making a cheaper eBay purchase.
So how did this myth originate?:
It is a direct voilation of a Kirby distributors agreement to sell kirby vacuums using any method other than in home demonstrations. Internet sales hurt the kirby company due to the extremeley high competitiveness and make it harder for the sales agents to keep the product value up. If a kirby distributor is found to be in violation of this agreement, then thier authority to purchase from the kirby manufacturer is cancled. As an buyer/end user, this does not affect you.

Myth #2: Warranty Myths
This will depend on the individual seller. It is true that the kirby manufacturer will not honour warranty claims for eBay sales, but that assumes they know you purchased the kirby over the internet, and much of the time they wont know (unless you tell them). Further more, many regular sellers of kirbys will offer thier own warranty anyway (I know we do), because we know just how long the kirby systems last (Forever!).
It is also true that the kirby company does not allow transferr of the warranty from the original purchaser, however the reality of the matter is, if you just take the original warranty card in with you, they are not going to know if you are the original purchaser, the original purchasers partner/mother/brother/sister, or someone else all together, so claims will be generaly warranted anyway.
sometimes you can find yourself with better warrantys over eBay anyway, so it pays to look!

Myth #3: All kirbys over eBay must be stolen or encumbered by the kirby finance company.
Again, absoluteley FALSE!
This is commonly spread by kirby reps to scare you off an internet purchase. We ourselves have several new kirbys available from time to time, and I can assure you that thier not stolen. eBay has very scroutinous identity checks for sellers now, and it would be very foolish of anyone to sell stollen goods over eBay as they can be tracked (this goes for every item on eBay).
As far as kirby vacuum cleaners being encumbered by any finance company goes........ Not a Chance.
The loans and installment plans arranged for kirby customers are high intrest bearing, un-secured loans. This means even if the original purchaser made ZERO payments on the kirby, the finance company cannot re-posses the kirby from any new or subsequent purchasers, as the finance company loaned the money, not the goods. The loans are not dissimilar from a standard personal loan or credit card, so you have nothing to worry about here.

Myth #4: The kirby is too powerfull, wont it damage my carpet?
While being incredibly powerful, the kirby has been prooven to make your carpets last longer, not shorter. Damage to your carpets is caused by the grit wearing them out. You will probably notice your standard vacuum bag fill with fluff from time to time - this is damaged carpet fibres caused by the grit your vacuum cleaner leaves behind eating away at your carpet. The kirby removes the grit from deep down to prevent further wear and tear.

Myth #5: The kirby is too big and heavy!
If you had said this to me 15+ years ago, I would have said fair enough, but for a long time now, the kirby has been fitted with a transmission to take the weight of the machine for you. I've seen 5 year olds push the vacuum arround without trouble, as it is litteraly feather weight, and takes bareley any effort at all. Your standard hose vacuum is much harder to push and manouver. All the attatchments fit away into thier own caddy, and the handle can be collapsed if storage space is a problem.

Myth #6: All my friends use Dysons, and I've seen them, arent they the best in the world?
In my personal opinion, NOT A CHANCE.
I have seen almost every vacuum under the sun, and I sell dysons as well, so my opinion is not biased, but I just have to say now, the Dyson is possibly one of the WORST performing units I've ever seen. They look great cosmeticaly and dont have any bags to replace, but unless your planning on leaving it in the corner for show and have a house full of hard floors and no rugs, I would strongly advise you to save your money as I've seen the $50 K-Mart specials outperform them time and time again.
If you realy want a quality vacuum cleaner but cant afford a new kirby, get a used one, because a 20 year old kirby will outperform a new dyson hands down - any day of the week.

Myth #7: Kirbys from America are cheaper, but dont work in Australia
TRUE! - this is the only truthfull roumer I've come across, and something for you to look out for. Kirbys purchased in America are 110V units, and will not run in Australia, as we use 240V electricity. You can however use transformers to convert the voltage, but you must take into account that most transformers are designed for non-constant usage on low powered items, and will generaly not be able to keep up with the constant supply of power required to vacuum your house without burning out. The transformers that do work are very expensive (like $500-$1000), so the only other option is to have kirby or a vacuum specialist change over the internals (expect to pay $500-$1000 again to have this done as the kirby company charges an arm and leg for the parts - and then some!).
Any savings to be had from purchasing in America are quickly swallowed up by shipping, currency exchange, and voltage conversion costs.
PLEASE NOTE: I have seen several cheap kirbys advertised on eBay that are 110V units, some have transformers, some do not, some dont even mention that they are 110V (and as such dont work in AUS)...... I actualy purchased one not even knowing it was a 110V unit, and it rocked up with a cheap transformer that blew out in a matter of minutes.
Kirby's are cheap to own longterm, but not cheap to buy innitialy, so if it seems too cheap, be sure to ask the seller about the voltage.
If you buy from us, you buy knowing it is a 240V kirby for Australian Power.

To Summarize:
Buying a kirby over eBay can be one of the smartest decisions you make, just make sure you know what your getting with it, and dont assume that just because you seen it in a demo you had, that the one thats advertised on eBay has the same attatchments.
Many of the attatchments shown in the demo are optional, sometimes distributors will remove some attatchments to save the customer money, and sometimes people loose some attatchments without knowing what they originaly had. I've provided retail pricing for you below as a comparison against any listings you may be looking at so that you can weigh up the savings.......

prices are current as of August 08
Kirby main unit with hose and standard fittings : $3200 (Without the shampoo unit)
Carpet Shampoo System: $540
Main unit is commonly packaged with shampoo kit for $3740 combined price
Hard Floor Care Kit (with wax roller + polisher) : $350
Zip Brush (air driven rotating uphostry tool): $140
Turbo Accessory System (Sander, Polisher, Massager, Scourer): $150

The Full presidential package with all the above acessories retails at

As you can see, there are some big savings to be had!

Ive also listed the models for your refference, With the Current model first, and following back from there

Sentria (current)
Ultimate Generation and Ultimate G Diamond Edition (G7)
Generation 6 (G6)
Generation 5 (G5)
Generation 4 (G4)
Generation 3 (G3)

all the above models are fitted with the tech drive system for feather weight manouvering
Legend 2
Herritage 2

models previous to this are not commonly found in Australia


I hope this makes your next vacuum cleaner purchase a little easier.
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