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When selecting a kite first decide what you want from the kite , eg: I would like to fly in a light to medium wind or I would like to fly fast and dynamic in strong winds.

After you have decided what you want from your kite you can then look at the type of fabric, framing and style of the kite.

NYLON is heavy and porous so it wont fly in light wind very well and is very stretchy so it lacks performance in sport kites

SAIL SPINNAKER is a much lighter and stronger fabric with no stretch that wont let any air through so it will work in light wind and strong wind with high performance , a must for sport kites

FIBERGLASS is heavy and flexible so it wants to be thin in single line kites and not to long and thick in sport kites as the frame will be to heavy and will flex out of shape in strong wind reducing the performance of the kite. If you want a sport kite with a fiberglass frame choose a small one and if you want a bigger kite make sure it has a carbon fiber frame this will keep your kite frame stiff and strong for high performance flying

STYLE will determen what it will do , flat faced single line kites are the easiest to fly with the right amount of tail as novelty kites with lots of structure and bridle will be hard to fly.For sport kites watch out for long wing tips and stand offs to close to the center also watch out for large kites made with fiberglass frames as they will lack in performance

If you have any questions about kites or you are having trouble with your kite please contact me and i will help

regards  TE.Z

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