Keep Track of your body health via Urine Test

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We all know that medical check can help us to check our body health. But how often are we going for medical check? If you are really take care of our health, you might go for medical check once a year, or every few year only check one time if you forget or too busy. ( Haha.. I can see you start smiling :)

In fact, a lot of disease will not have any syndrom at all, like diabetes, heart attack, cancer...  When the syndrom showed on our body, the level of disease shall be quite serious. Your feel nice and feel no pain do not means that your body is healthy, since we all cannot see what is happening inside our body. And it becomes mission impossible for us to keep do medical check again and again to track the latest scenario of our body when we are busy with work and our family.

In fact, medical check is a quite a heavy cost, that we cant just repeat the check again and again within very short time span. To overcome this problem, you can do the body test by performing urine test by yourself :)

What is the benefit of Urine Test?

* You can do urine test whenever you like at your flexible time and at your privacy home. It just take less than few minutes of your time.

* It is cost effective. The urine test strip is not expensive compare to medical check by doctor. You can do the urine test by yourself in every few day basis to monitor your health without increase your family financial burden :)

There are variety of urine test strips that are available in the market, and not all test strips are the same. Some Urine test strip will provide more test result on different testing aspect. But of course, more test result it can provide, the cost of the urine strip will be more expensive compare to the urine strip that offer lesser testing result.

In my opinion, you shall go for the urine test strips that offer most urine test result if the cost is affordable by you. After all, our health is much much more important asset in our life compare to pay some extra money , agree? :)

When there are some weird result shown on  the urine test result, then we shall meet appointment with doctor for detailed medical check. It will be work as an health alarm for us from time to time :)

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