Keep your fingers warm on your next Hunt

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Having a properly functioning trigger finger is incredibly important. You need to know that when your animal finally peeks its head out from behind the fallen tree, that you can accurately and decisively take the shot and that it will count. A pair of gloves can keep the wind chill off of your fingers, and provide an easy way to minimize sounds when using your hands in the environment (like to create natural camouflage).You'll want to buy a pair of gloves that satisfies several of your requirements, and can also be worn around the clock. High quality materials and a good fit should be attributes at the top of your wish list when looking for a long-term solution to your glove conundrum. Even if the glove serves only to keep your hands warm until a shot can be taken (without the gloves), they will have served the cause to a “T”. Most hunters prefer a bare finger to the bare trigger, and consider gloved shooting to be much less accurate. Each hunter will have to evaluate their own comfort zone and then use what they know about their hunt, the animal, the weather or their own preparation.

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