Keeping Your VB Talking Boony In Good Health

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Your 1st edition VB Talking Boony figurine (released summer 05/06) is a great collectors item. However if you intend to keep him in great shape for many years to come there are things you need to do to prevent future damage. All Talking Boonys contain batteries. As most people are aware, over time batteries that are left in items such as toys and radios for example will corrode. This corrosion will render many items useless. Talking Boony is no different. Talking Boony may continue to talk at random intervals (approx' every 3 and 1/2 months) for many years to come if you know how to replace these batteries. Beware that he may begin talking suddenly at any time of day or night. You may just want to store Boony. This guide will help you to remove the batteries and make sure his value as a collectable doesn't deteriorate over time.

Tip: Keep Boony out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Your Talking Boony

Bottom view showing six screws. First step to removing or replacing Boony's batteries is to remove the four screws indicated by the white arrows. I would recommend a Phillips head screwdriver with a magnetic tip to help prevent loss of the screws.

By removing these four screws you can now carefully seperate the top from the base. Note: When replacing the base take note of its position as it can only go back on one way.

The batteries are housed in the green portion of the base. Care is required in the following steps as any rough handling may render Boony useless. Carefully remove the final two screws while keeping the base and mechanism close together as they are attached by two wires. Blue arrows show these two red and black wires. If they become detached they will need to be re-soldered for Boony to operate.

Now we have access to the battery compartment. It contains three triple AAA size batteries.

A small flat head screwdriver or similar item will come in handy to help lever the batteries from their compartments. Once again take care so as not to break the two connecting wires.

You are almost there. Once all three batteries are removed you have the choice of inserting new ones or leaving Boony as is. Choose wisely as constantantly adding and removing the batteries may place stress on the screw threads and may lead to you being unable to put him back together.

Note: There are postage restrictions on items with batteries installed. Check with your postal service or carrier before you consider posting and posting method.

Now just put Boony back together in the reverse method that you took him apart. Take care not to snag any wires when re-assembling. Once completed give yourself a pat on the back, give Boony a VB and sit back " coz the crickets about to start".

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