Keeping your customers and yourself happy

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To make Ebay a friendly and stress free environment especially for your customers there is a couple of easy to remember steps.

First Step:  Always keep your customers inform regarding there transaction with you

Second Step:  Send your buyers an email letting them know that you have recieved there payment

Third Step:  Make sure that once you have posted your buyers items let them know that you have sent there item off on that day and that they will be recieving it soon

If you do these steps, you will find that you get better communication ratings as a seller and plus the buyer knows there item is on the way and can look out for it when it arrives and also it makes the buyer feel important to you. Which is very important as we all want regular returning customers. When you have done this you will also feel good yourself knowing that you have made your buyers day by informing as to what is going on.

I personally have found this to be a great way of communicating with others and has a more personal touch instead of the automative ones that you can set up. It may take a little bit of time doing it this way but I believe it rewards itself.

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