Kelly Handbag Buying Guide

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Created by the luxury fashion house Hermes, the Kelly handbag is more than just a purse. It is a status symbol coveted by celebrities, movie stars, and wealthy women. The Kelly bag, named for actress Grace Kelly, adorns the arms of everyone from politicians to musicians and anyone in between.

Purchasing a Kelly bag is quite an investment, but consumers get deals on a Hermes Kelly handbag when they search for bags on eBay or in retail boutiques and shops. Buyers select the right Kelly bags based on colour, material, existing clothing, and whether or not the bags are vintage, which are unique and interesting pieces to collect and own.

Kelly Handbag Colours

The Kelly bag keeps it chic in basic black, but it comes in more eye-popping shades too. Consumers choose between bright yellow, bold fuchsia, lipstick red, or sunny orange bags. The bags come in muted colours too, such as light pink, lime green, tan, violet, and white. Though the black bags are the most commonly seen Kelly bags, consumers inject a pop of colour into their wardrobe with a bright green Kelly bag or a turquoise Kelly bag.

Kelly Handbag Materials

The finest, high-quality materials go into making the prestigious Kelly bag. Crafted by hand, Kelly bags offer luxury materials such as gold hardware. The durable bags originally held saddles and morphed into the luxury handbag which consumers clamour for today.

Crocodile Leather

Created from crocodile skin, studded crocodile leather is nubby in texture and unique, eye-catching look. Made from crocodile leather, some Kelly bags are shiny and smooth with scale details and brazen shades such as red crocodile leather handbags.

Togo Leather

Textured leather which resists scratches yet remains soft is one of the most popular Kelly bag leathers, called Togo leather. Made from calfskin, Togo leather is lightweight yet sturdy, and water resistant.

Box Leather

Smooth and supple, box leather is another popular choice for Kelly bags. The luxury leather crafted from calfskin offers consumers a smoother feel than other leathers. This makes it not as scratch resistant as textured leathers, but still very popular. Box leather is a classic choice for Kelly handbags.

Vintage Kelly Handbags

Consumers looking for a rare bag score style when they find a vintage Kelly bag. Since Hermes makes a limited number of Kelly bags each season, there is a waiting list that is years long for these coveted bags. Finding a vintage bag is a classy and stylish way to add flair to any wardrobe, and since the shape of the bags does not change, they are always on trend.

Some popular vintage Kelly bags are from the 40s and 50s, as well as from the 60s. Some bags are harder to find and more rare than others, which increases the cost of the bags somewhat, such as two-tone bags. Hermes considers Kelly bags older than 10 years to be vintage bags.

Kelly Handbag Sizes and Styles

Available in many sizes, the Hermes Kelly bag offers consumers a variety of ways to enjoy their favourite designer handbags. Always in style, the traditional larger Kelly bag offers a large amount of room, but a smaller version is versatile and easy to tote around for handbag fans.

Medium to Large Kelly Handbags

Kelly bags range in size, which includes 28 centimetres, 32 centimetres, 35 centimetres, and 40 centimetres. These bags measure medium to large in size. The most popular size is 35 centimetres, which is a handbag that holds enough but is not considered oversized. For consumers investing in Kelly bags, it is best to consider what needs to go into the bags daily to discover which size is the best option.

Mini Kelly Handbag

Small versions of the Kelly bag measure in at 15 centimetres, 20 centimetres, and 25 centimetres. These tiny totes pack a stylish punch and include an optional shoulder strap to allow hands-free, cross-body styling when carrying the miniature versions of the large bags. Made with the same care and quality materials as the bigger bags, they are a convenient and casual option for any woman who needs a smaller but stylish Kelly bag.

Kelly Handbag Details

When consumers purchase bags as costly as Hermes Kelly handbags, it is important to ensure that the materials are exactly as consumers want. Hermes creates bags with various types of leather from different animal skin, and kind of each leather offers a different texture and unique features. Straw bags are perfect for summer and have simple leather accents.


Bag Styles


Exterior Materials

Four metal feet on the bottom

Miniature bags, cross-body styles

Zippered inner pockets

Lightweight straw accented with leather

Lock and clochette closure with "Hermes Paris" engraved on the hardware

Small to medium satchels

Leather interior linings in contrasting colours

Textured leathers include crocodile, togo, and Chevre

Hardware created from authentic white or yellow gold

Medium to large satchels

Flat bottoms, bags stand on their own

Smooth leather such as box leather

Since there are many types of Kelly bags, buyers should assess the bags entirely including the exteriors and the interiors before making buying decisions. Selecting a size is also important. Buyers should weigh how many items they carry in their bags daily and what they use the bags for most often.

How to Buy a Kelly Handbag on eBay

Purchase a Kelly handbag on eBay and to find agreat deal on one of these expensive, luxury bags when you search Kelly handbags or Hermes Kelly bags using the simple search bar on any page. Narrow your results by price range or colour of the bag. Pick up a pre-owned bag for an even bigger bargain, and purchase from a Top-rated seller who is an authorised merchant.

Kelly bags are perfect accessories. The bags are simple and refined, and created with sturdiness and durability in mind. Though Hermes Kelly handbags are expensive, most consumers consider them worthwhile investments as statements pieces that last for years and are always in style. Kelly bags on eBay are available in many sizes, colours, and types of leather.

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