Kicking Over A High Compression Motor

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Now that you've got your compression bumped to the point where you are starting to get the occasional kickback, you  have to make sure you are kicking your engine over with a little care.

If you just go thrashing at it, from anywhere in the stroke, you are going to get kickback. This method of kicking, whilst tolerated by the smaller engines, can have disastrous results in a bigger cc engine (that includes Japanese built engines as well!). You run the risk of cracking engine cases and stripping gears, or snapping kickstarter shafts eventually.

This is most easily avoided by getting into the habit of kicking from TDC (top dead centre). This is merely using the kickstart lever to slowly turn the engine over until you feel the resistance of the compression stroke. Then release the kicker back to the top of it's stroke so you can get a good full kick in. A good sharp kick with a bit of your weight behind it is all it takes, nothing crazy. Don't go jumping into the air and hitting it with all you got! You will do damage this way aswell!

You'll get the feel for it very quickly. Sometimes once an engine has been built to extremes it is preffered by some to jump start when ever possible, especially after fitting high compression pistons and inner rotor kits, but if you kick it properly you should never have a problem. 

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