Kitchen Renovation Ideas on a Budget

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Complete kitchen renovations may not fit the budget of many homeowners, but there are still some inexpensive ways for do-it-yourself experts to update their kitchens. Homeowners should begin and complete a single project before proceeding to the next improvement to keep kitchen renovations manageable. People interested in renovating their kitchen should check eBay for a wide selection of hardware, kitchen organisers, flooring, and other useful items.


Kitchen Renovation Ideas

These renovation ideas rely on the premise that the homeowner can complete these projects without help. Larger projects that require the help of a contractor may be more expensive, but homeowners are also more likely to get a good result.

Replace Old Cabinet Hardware

If the kitchen’s existing cabinetry is in good condition and in a neutral colour, homeowners should consider adding new cabinet hardware to update the room. To keep this update simple, shoppers should look for knobs and handles that can be installed using the existing holes in the cabinetry. Other than this small guideline, buyers should feel free to choose whatever hardware they prefer. Once the hardware arrives, they should be able to remove the existing hardware and replace it using only a screwdriver.

Repaint Walls or Cabinetry

Painting the walls in a kitchen is a simple project that can have a huge impact. To prevent the need for further renovation, a paint colour that complements existing appliances, flooring, and counters is essential.
Painting cabinetry is also an inexpensive upgrade, but painting can be a difficult and time-consuming task. In just a few weekends, homeowners can achieve impressive results with paint.
Homeowners who undertake this job should make sure they budget appropriately for surface preparation materials. Removing grease, dirt, and surface oils from the walls or cabinetry with a cleaner is an important step in the process. Sandpaper and paint stripper will also be required to repaint kitchen cabinets.

Add Attractive, Space-Saving Kitchen Organisers

Adding a few kitchen organisers can really help disorganised spaces. The installation of pot racks will free space in full cabinets and allow homeowners to display a beautiful set of pans. Cutlery holders and knife blocks can be used to conveniently organise and hold utensils on the counter. Even drawer organisers can help homeowners fit more items in a smaller space, making the kitchen seem less cluttered.

Install New Lighting

A poorly lit kitchen isn’t just unattractive; it’s also a safety issue. Under-cabinet lighting that plugs into an existing power point can be installed by anyone comfortable using a cordless drill. New overhead ceiling lights can also be easily installed if the required wiring is the same as the existing light’s wiring.

Consider Replacing Old Flooring

Cracked or uneven flooring should be replaced if possible. Floors that are in good condition, but just an undesirable colour, can be covered with a rug appropriate for kitchen use. Damaged flooring, however, should be replaced.
Homeowners can install vinyl tiles with adhesive backs over existing flooring. Before these tiles are applied, any cracks or uneven spots in the existing flooring must be repaired. Homeowners should wash the floor before applying tiles because dirt can prevent the tiles from sticking to the floor. Tiles can be applied with a few hand tools.
Owners interested in ceramic tile, hardwood floors, or other materials should consider hiring a contractor to lay the flooring. Cost will vary depending on kitchen size, but homeowners who have small kitchens might be surprised at the affordability of hiring a professional. Homeowners who plan to install the tiles themselves should investigate the cost of rental tools needed to complete the job.

Add Finishing Touches to the Kitchen Renovation

Framed wall art, new window treatments, and house plants can also update a kitchen with very little work. Homeowners can install new curtains or blinds with the help of a cordless drill or use that same drill to hang a few pieces of art. When purchasing these accent items, buyers should look for items that are easy to clean.

Buying DIY Kitchen Renovation Materials on eBay

For the dedicated DIY expert, eBay has an entire category devoted to building materials and other DIY supplies. To browse this section, shoppers can click on the “Shop by Category” link at the top of any page, and then select the “Building Materials”, DIY category, which is located under the “Home and Garden” category.
Once they find promising listings, shoppers should be sure to measure their space carefully before bidding. Building materials, like kitchen sinks, can be expensive to return if the buyer accidentally purchases an item that won’t fit in the kitchen.


Homeowners interested in inexpensive kitchen updates should plan their own renovations carefully. Dedicated homeowners can create beautiful kitchens on a modest budget if they do a lot of the work themselves and compare prices when they shop for materials.

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