Kitchen Renovations! Choosing the right handles!

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Hello & Welcome to our guide about choosing the right Kitchen handles / knobs for either your new kitchen or kitchen renovation.

We have been Cabinetmaking for some 18yrs now and have lots of experiences in the area of choosing the right handles for your kitchen. Many clients, when deciding to renovate their kitchen cupboards,  only think about what benchtop colour they want or what style of door would suit there room etc.  They all know and realise that they need handles or knobs on their cupboards to open the doors, of course, but just don't consider how much of an impact the handles really do make on the overall appearance and feel of there kitchen.

The latest trend in kitchen design is moving away from door designs/styles that have routed patterns or moulds in them, towards them that have a smooth finish/texture to them. Completely void of any moulding at all. This is not only to create a streamline/ seamless appearance to the whole kitchen but also to make cleaning easier. No little awkard cavities to try to get that cleaning cloth into.
With this in mind the choice of the Handles becomes critical as it becomes the stand out feature on the whole door. The wrong choice of handle could have a detrimental effect on the whole of the kitchen.
Styles and designs of kichen handles are thus evolving to be bigger and chunkier to have a bigger impact on the door and to make the overall appearance of the kitchen look balanced.  There are also some very new designs of handles that match the look of kitchen appliances eg. oven/fridges etc.

As for the choice of knobs in your kitchen they will still have there place on those tired and true classic door styles such as solid timber doors or moulded doors.

So when renovating or building your new kitchen please take the time to consider the choice of handle that best suits the style of doors, the overall appearance you want to create and functionality. Remember once the handles holes are drilled in your doors there's no turning back. (Please note that most handles come in 32mm increments so the likelihood is very high in being able to swap handles to another style but it will just cost you more money, time and effort.)

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