Know Your Dishwasher Parts

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The better you know your appliance, the better you can use it and the longer it will serve you! It takes hardly five to ten minutes to familiarize yourself with the functioning of each part, but the knowledge gained can prove invaluable, especially while troubleshooting and repairing problems. If you have a dishwasher, here are the dishwasher parts and their functions that you should know:

Detergent goes into the soap dispenser. The selector and timer switches set the temperature, timing and the washing sequence. No sooner has the door closed; a switch will start the dishwasher and on opening the door, stop it.

While these might be dishwasher parts you see most prominently, there are more important dishwasher parts in play inside the machine. Read on…

The inlet valve serves as the inlet for hot water. The water blends with the detergent in the sump and on release of the soap dispenser cover, moves into the dishwasher. The water is then strained via a strainer with the help of an electric pump and passed above a heating element, which passes it on to the spray arms under pressure.

Dishwasher parts also include a thermostat, which controls the heating element in order to ensure an almost constant water temperature. A pump is used to remove the hot water in order to help the dishes to dry fast.

Once you know how a dishwasher functions normally, you can quickly pin point the cause if a problem were to occur. Also, knowing the different dishwasher parts and their functions can help you save on the call out fee, for very often replacing dishwasher parts is enough to get the machine working again. Here’s to a more dishwasher informed you!

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