Know Your Ring Size - The Best Method

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Determining your ring size can be a little tricky when buying online.

There are a few common methods available, however none are extremely accurate.
Using string or paper is never a great idea,  as those materials can twist, bend and stretch (cardboard is a little better) and printable ring guides are dependent on your computer settings.
The most reliable way to determine your ring size is to visit a jeweller. Most will do this free of charge.
However, if you choose to try working out your ring size from home, here are a few considerations:

Different countries use different scales.
Australia and the UK use an alphabetical scale.
The US and Canada use a numerical scale.
The average woman's ring size is 7 (US) or N 1/2 (AUS), as usually one of her fingers will fit this.
If you are petite with small hands you may be a 6 or even 5 (rarely less than this). Larger ladies might reach a 9 or 10.
This would only be a guess but it at least gives an idea of what range you might expect to be in.

Here's the best method for determining your ring size...
Using the chart below you can try to get a more precise idea by selecting a ring you already own that fits you properly.
Find it's diameter by using a ruler (or calipers if you have any) to measure across the centre of the ring at the widest point between the inside edges.
Check the chart below for the corresponding ring size.

Click this link >> Ring Size Chart

If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger. It is very cheap to purchase a ring adjuster if you need to drop a size. You simply slip it over an inconspicuous part of the band.

The best time to measure your ring size is in the afternoon (your fingers are smaller in the mornings) but it is advisable to take several readings at different times as your finger size can be influenced by ,
temperature and  humidity changes, even water retention and exercise.

You should be aiming for your ring to fit you comfortably. It should be snug enough to prevent falling off but loose enough to slip over your knuckle without too much resistance.
If the ring you intend to purchase has a wide band or large setting you will probably have to go up anywhere from a half to full size.

By taking note of these tips and using our handy size chart, you should hopefully get a reading that gives you a good result.

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