Kylie's Guide to Buying a Louis Vuitton

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After being stung myself I decided to do some Investigating in hope not only I gain some knowledge but I can prevent the same thing happening to someone else Here's
what I found.
* A real Louis Vuitton would never have hangtags, stamps on paper tags
or sticker on tags. 
* Don't automatically believe the claim of original receipt included.
Some receipts are being sold. Templates are being sold to print fake
* Don't necessarily believe the offer of authenticity guaranteed or your
money back. All fakes are offered with the guarantee by determined
criminals who are nowhere to be found. 
* If you are confused, save up the money and purchase directly from
Louis Vuitton or, which is the only online Louis Vuitton
authorized store.
Many auction photos are stolen from the Louis Vuitton official site, You
may be bidding on photos that may not be the actual item sent. 
* Bottom line? A vast majority of eBay Louis Vuitton listings are fake. 
* Unless you are certain of the seller's integrity, use a credit card to
pay for the item if you take a chance with eBay Louis Vuitton. You may
have a better chance of recovering your money by chargebacks. Some
credit card companies may not cover you through eBay because of high
risk frauds.
*Once you receive an item, you may not be able to have it
authenticated. Not every Louis Vuitton retail stores offers inspection
simply because replicas are getting better and clerks have made
mistakes. Their explanation is that they're in the retail business of
their product, not authentication.

Basically you have to be real sure you know what your doing, fakes are
getting very good and some can t be told apart. Personally next time Im
going to the store and getting me a real one.
Some sites are also offering ebooks you can purchase that gives you in-depth tips and help. 

A Discussion Board On Ebay, A few lovely and generous people here will
take a lookie at the item and tell you there opinion, they're really
great for doing this.

Here is another Ebay Forum for the same thing.
Here are some sellers which I have sussed out and are listed on a site called MY POUPETTE. This site contains Ebay Sellers whom are required to sell only AUTHENTICS, Check them out????


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