L.A.M.B. 05 WDMLG Where did my lamb go? hoodies on ebay

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I realise that this 'guide' might bring loads of questions and even people exclaiming what I'm going to say, but has to be said, not only by someone who really likes L.A.M.B., but tries to sell the great line to everyone especially here in Oz, only to see people get ripped off.

My friend- against my protesting- bought a Where Did My Lamb Go? hoodie on eBay Australia (I will not name names/ID because that would start something else and I don't want to be the bad person). I had tried to tell her that this seller has not  4, not 5, but 30+ of these hoodies that were available in 2005, a clear indication that these might not be the real thing. However she wanted it badly that she bidded on it, won, and paid the 80+ for her hoodie.

As I stayed over her house as she waited anxiously for her hoodie I kept scrolling through Ebay searches, in particular eBay Aus items and saw that these were just POPPING up everywhere! And new with tags!! Now, when I was in the U.S. and bought my L.A.M.B. I bought LOADS of it, doubles, triples, I even bought 4 wisteria hoods- 2 black and white, 2 celadon (I still buy heaps as my former employee and great friend sends me heaps back here), I also used up most of my pay. However there is really no way that so many older style hoodies, or anything could come back in plentiful quantities.

Anyway, my friend got her hoodie about a week later and she loved it. She said it was soft, didn't line up as it went across the zipper. For a second I thought I actually might have been wrong... somehow. I hoped I was for my friend, they sold out when I was going to buy her one when I was O/S.

I went around to see it, she popped out of her room wearing it reversed, which looked awesome, so I asked to look at it. Sure enough it didn't feel like a cashmere/viscose feel, still soft, but it didn't feel exactly like my WDMLG scarf that was of the same blend. Then I saw that the reverse and the normal layer were separate- not one blend. It wasn't the real thing, even if I got the feel of it wrong it still shouldnt be two layers. I asked if she had left feedback for the seller and she said yes; she'd given them a positive- like everyone else.

The strange thing is, when she realised that she might have spent $80 on something that might not be 100% real, she still didn't mind, because it looked like it and it was good enough for her.

I know I can't tell you all to buy or not buy something from someone, this is just to show you to have a little bit of an extra look when you go to buy something. Not everything is copied, and not everything is real, especially when buying L.A.M.B., try to see if one seller is selling heaps (and I mean HEAPS) of the same item- especially from an older season.

Not everyone on Ebay selling the exact same things are selling copies, but it's best to see how many they're selling (I've sold 2 of my Banner hoodies the same time as '20000 real ones' came out but they were real and purchased over from Nordies)  and if they're using their own pictures- NOT someone elses.


A buyer (I won't mention the name for obvious purposes) was lovely enough to tell me about their experience and thought I should add this - The care tag said " Whosoever wears this garment will be touched by Loven " not "love". A very easy one! Thank you very much for that one!

I hoped I helped you on your LAMB journey. Happy and safe transactions!

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