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Safely buying an LCD TV. Checklist and precautions

eBay is one of the best places to find a great deal on an LCD TV. LCD TVs are expensive and attract buyers with a bit of money to spend. Unfortunately, this market also attracts a whole bunch of unscrupulous people trying to dodge you out of your hard earned dollars. This guide will help you:

- Make a shortlist of items
- Safe Purchase Checklist
- Avoid dodgy second chance offers

Making a shorlist, some safeguards for a safe purchase:

- Research the type of LCD TV you want
- Have a look through completed listings and see how much you should expect to be paying
- Make a short list of 10 items
- Make sure you read the listing for each item in full to ensure you are buying the actual LCD TV and not some information on how to get an LCD TV for $5

Safe Purchase Checklist

Once you have made your shortlist, evaluate each item using the following checklist:
- Is the seller in Australia?
- Does the seller have a registered business? What is the ABN? Check it on
- Have they got a considerable feedback rating? 500+
- Are there LCD TVs within their last page of feedback? (make sure they haven’t been selling paper clips for half a year and all of a sudden they have a few hundred LCD TVs on the market)
- Does the TV have warranty that you can use in your area?
- Ask a question. Is the reply prompt and helpful?
- Is the postage cost reasonable?
- Is insurance provided?
- Will a courier tracking number be provided?

The Internet can be a safe shopping environment and enables end users with easy access to importers and distributors. Being an expensive item, extra precautions should be taken when buying an LCD TV. If you answered "yes" to all the checkpoints above then you can be sure you are dealing with a respectable trader - There's just one more thing you should watch out for:


If you have placed some bids on expensive eBay items then you probably know what this is all about. Unscrupulous eBay members sit on eBay and look through the bid history of completed listings that finish for high prices. They use the item number, your UserID and the amount you have placed as your maximum bid, to send you an email through eBay saying that they can sell you a TV  for the price on your highest bid...the only problem is  that they have had a family emergency and you are going to have to Western Union the money through to Sweden or Germany or Nigeria.

How do I avoid dodgy second chance offers?

There are 2 ways to avoid getting dodgy second chance offers:
1. Buy It Now listings: When you buy from a Buy It Now listing, you are guaranteed not to get any dodgy second chance offers. Most sellers usually have some Buy It Now listings at competitive prices at all times so it saves having to wait for an auction to finish.
2. Buyer ID kept private: Look for sellers that keep the userID of the buyer private - this ensures that after the listing finishes, no one can see your userID and how much you bid for that item.

I've picked up some great deals using second chance offers before. Can I still receive legitimate second chance offers?

Even when you bid on a listing that keeps the userID private, the seller is still able to issue second chance offers. The easiest way to ensure a second chance offer is legitimate is to access it through your "my eBay" section.

Trusted Sellers:

Kogan Direct  - The best value LCD TVs in Australia.

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