LCD Televisions and their major fault - ghosting

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Ghosting faults - these are always TAB faults. More commonly called a "cold start problem".

A TAB is the little flexible circuit board connection attatching the LCD glass to the electronics.They are both on the top and side edges of almost all LCD and LED televisions.

When the adhesive and clamping fails on that TAB you start getting problems. The only fix is a PANEL replacement or unless you are on a TV production line with the suitable tools.

In Australia the only fix is to replace the PANEL in the TV - this is the most expensive part of the TV and its often not worth repairing a TV out of warranty.

The problem often is seem as a darkened section of the screen - middle or sides.. it gets worse - often i hear a person say - it takes 10 minutes to warm up, and it gets better. The time it takes to come good gets longer and longer as the TABS fail due to the heating and cooling / contracting and expanding of the glass and failed TAB connector until it fails completely and the picture goes black with often the occasional red vertical lines.

So the fault that seems to go away : a doubling or trippling of the screen image on one side ; dark patches or bands; a picture that seems to be laggy  or smears on one side;

Be aware that the problem is merely one of the common faults and the only fix to your ghosty image is panel replacement.


A quick check to confirm you have this issue is flexing the TV from the top of the set- this is not a good thing to do as it stresses the connections. Give the TV 30 seconds to warm up abit and slowly flex the TV - the picture may become better.

BE aware that you can cause this fault to occur by 1. wall mounting the TV and not properly lifting the TV into place with 2 or more people ( you then are twisting and flexing it remember ), 2 Transporting the TV in any way other than in its vertical position - you must transport these TV's upright - not laid down , not angled and movement will cause the glass to flex inside its frame - causing ...guess what - a TAB fault.

The LCD glass is less than 3mm thick with a film bonded to both sides ( like a car tint ) - so it WILL BREAK if you flex or knock it. NO warranty then !!! Think of it as a "picture frame" - thin glass does and will crack.

Cheers - and good buying !!




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