LED Headlight Buying Guide

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LED Headlight Buying Guide

Headlights are the lights that are attached to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road in front of a car, often during the night when natural light is insufficient. While most headlights are familiar when used by a vehicle, headlights are also used by airplanes, trains, buses, bicycles, and most vehicles that are operated at night. Headlight technology has steadily improved alongside automobile and other transportation technology eventually leading to LED headlights.

LED headlights burn bright, last longer, use less energy, and may also provide a wider spectrum of colour than traditional headlights. Users often find great deals on automotive tools and LED headlights as well as other critical car components on eBay deals. Headlamps come in a variety of colours, brightness, and styles so it buyers should know what they are looking for otherwise the purchasing process quickly becomes overwhelming.

Compatibility of Headlights

Perhaps the biggest factor for buyers to concern themselves with when purchasing headlights is whether the type of headlight they are interested in is compatible with their vehicle. While in most cases, headlights are suited to a wide range of models, it is critical for buyers to investigate the matter thoroughly to avoid making an erroneous purchase. The user manual for most vehicles provides this information. In addition, the Internet is an excellent resource. Finally, if in doubt, a dealership or mechanic is almost certain to be able to answer any important questions.

Installing a Headlight

Installing a headlight is a related to whether or not the headlight is compatible with the car in general. Again, the vehicle's user manual, the Internet, dealerships, and mechanics may all provide assistance when it comes to installing the headlight. Some vehicles make this very user friendly and the headlight cover may simply pop off or only require basic tools, such as a screwdriver.

Other, more complex headlight arrangements may require special tools or expertise necessitating professional assistance. Also, it is important to be careful when installing a headlight to not break or shock the bulb in order to ensure that the headlight functions properly once installed.

Regulations Concerning Headlamps

Many countries, states, and provinces have different rules and regulations that are applicable to headlamps. In virtually all jurisdictions, vehicles are required to have two functioning headlights on either side of the vehicle. If either is defective or malfunctioning, it is imperative the driver get it replaced immediately both out of concern for safety and to avoid any sanctions or legal consequences as a result. There may be more than two headlights on a vehicle, and they may number up to six in total. They are often arranged so that the headlamps are at different angles and each set is suited for a different purpose.

Types of Headlights

Headlights come in two main varieties; high and low beams. High beams are ideal for drivers because they are angled straight ahead and are often the brightest. They are not well-suited for high traffic areas however, as they may impair the vision of oncoming vehicles. Conversely, low beams aim down. These are best suited for areas with a lot of oncoming traffic of if there is heavy precipitation. High beams may reflect off precipitation causing a distracting glare so low beams are recommended in inclement weather.

High Beams

High beams are the brightest, widest, and most forward looking type of headlight. These offer drivers the greatest levels of illumination and the most extensive line of sight. They are often aimed straight ahead and slightly centred so that both the left and right high beams intersect directly in front of the vehicle. This gives the driver an excellent field of view where they need it most. High beams may impair the sight of oncoming drivers. They also has been known to reflect off snow, heavy rain, or fog so that they are not ideal for these conditions.

Low Beams

Low beams aim downward and produce moderate levels of light over a short distance. Low beams provide adequate lighting for the area immediately ahead of the vehicle. This light does not bother oncoming traffic nor does it reflect off precipitation. The field of view for the driver when using low beams is reduced relative to high beams but they are better suited for specific situations. Interestingly, low beams are often tailored to one side of the road, meaning that left-traffic countries have low beams that aim left to distract oncoming traffic even less. Only low beams are found as LED models.

LED Headlights

Light emitting diode headlights are the newest technology in this area. Only low beams and side markers are available as LEDs since the luminosity required of high beams is not practical using LEDs. LEDs have some downsides such as cost and regulatory uncertainty, however, someone of the positives make them an attractive option to both buyers and auto manufacturers. The table below outlines some of the notable differences.


Standard Lighting

Limited brightness

Very Bright

Energy Efficient

High Energy Use

Newer technology

Familiar technology

Expensive but longer lasting

Cheaper but less durable

Another significant difference between LEDs and traditional lighting is life expectancy of the bulb. One LED may last a very long time, while traditional bulbs need to be changed much more frequently. LEDs make a lot of sense for lights that are on all the time such as markers and daytime running lamps. LED lights are also very temperature sensitive and perform much better at lower temperatures. This is yet another challenge of LEDs as the temperature must be kept consistently cool in order to maximise the performance of the bulbs.

Other Features of Headlights

Other features buyers may ultimately have to consider is what colour headlights they desire. Bulbs may be white, blue, yellow, or many other colours. The wattage of the bulb is also significant as this is directly correlated to the bulb's brightness. While LEDs are certainly growing in popularity, there are also many different types of headlight such as high intensity discharge bulbs and halogen bulbs to name a few. Many cars that emphasise sustainability such as hybrids are favouring LEDs when feasible though due to their increased life expectancy. This reduces waste as well as overall energy usage for the car.

Buying an LED Headlight on eBay

Buying LED headlights online is rewarding and safe when buyers choose eBay as their preferred shopping platform. One way to begin searching is to use either the automobiles or electronics categories to display broad results related to those terms. Alternatively, shoppers may type basic search terms into the box found on every page of eBay's website to conduct a basic keyword search which also provides shoppers with many options.

Once the general choices are displayed, shoppers might then use eBay's intuitive organisation tools by filtering and sorting the results in a variety of ways. This might include cost of item, time left at auction, or reducing the field to only those items which have a certain feature designated by the shopper. With so many simple ways to shop and such an active marketplace, shoppers who use eBay have a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a great deal on the right product.


Headlights are an integral part of any vehicle, whether it be an automobile, plane, train, bus, bicycle or otherwise. They allow the driver to see in and navigate through darkness regardless of the available ambient light. Headlights come in two forms; high beams and low beams. Each beam is specifically suited to one task or another and only low beams are currently available in an LED model. LED models are growing in popularity due to their energy efficiency and long life expectancy.

While this reduces overall waste and consumption, LEDs are still much more expensive than traditional bulbs and do not get quite as bright as standard halogen or high intensity discharge bulbs. Buyers should always be sure to check that the headlight they want is compatible with their vehicle to ensure they do not make an errant purchase.

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