LED Lighting and downlights - Facts and Advantages

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LED Lighting

LED products are starting to take over the lighting market due to their extremely good efficiencies. LED's create more light per Watt of power than any other type of lights found in the market. Under ideal conditions, LED's may use as little as 20% of the power to provide the same amount of light in comparison to halogen globes. That results in a massive reduction to your electricity bill.

LED products also have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. That is an amazing 50 times more than a regular incandescent bulb. LED lighting will benefit you in every way while helping to save our environment. Most of all, they pay for themselves in under a few years. You have nothing to lose. Switch to LED lighting today and save!

LED Technology

LED's, also known as light emitting diodes have the ability to release photons (light energy) when an electric current is passed through them.
It is only recently with improvements in LED technology that LED's have the ability to produce sufficient light to be used as a common lighting sources for the household and industry.

LED's are quickly starting to steal the lighting market today. In Australia for example, you will already notice the large number of traffic signals that have been converted to LED's. This is because they are a great investment in terms of reduced energy consumption and reliability. You have nothing to lose by switching to LED's to light your environment.

LED Advantages

High Efficiency

LED's emit the highest lumen output per watt of power in comparison to any other light source. Up to 80% more efficient than halogen lights. For every 1 halogen light you run, you can have 4 or 5 LED replacements. This energy savings especially becomes prominent when a large number of lights are used. Imagine the savings on your electricity bill when replacing more than 20 halogen downlights  or even a 100 halogen downlights running 8 hours a day in your business. An immense amount of savings can be achieved.

Long Lasting & Voltage Surge Resistant

LED's last for 50,000 hours. That equates to 17 years if used for 8 hours daily. At this rate, you would never have to change a LED globe. LED's are also very resistant to voltage spikes and constant turning on/off. You can turn them on/off numerous times a day without affecting its lifespan. These power management features results in LED's being a very good investment where you never have to worry about the frequent blowouts that occur in halogens, fluoroscents and incandescents lights.

Mercury Free

Absolutely mercury free unlike fluorescents. Mercury is considered to be a pollutant that damages the environment and is found in all fluroscents light products. Mercury vapor can also be a dangerous inhalant and this becomes a risk especially when fluoroscent tubes or bulbs are accidentally dropped and broken.

Pleasant Light Colour

LED's are available in pleasant warm white, cool white and white light colours. The warm white color is very similar to a warm white halogen making it a good replacement.

No Fireproofing Required

LED's operate at a much lower temperature in comparison to a halogen. Hence for downlights, there is no need to worry about using fire proof hoods. The low heat generation can greatly help reduce the risk of fires.

Minimal Heat Dissipation. However it is always recommended to use fireproofing for increased safety. It hardly adds any extra costs and its worth it.

The minimal heat dissipation helps reduce cooling costs of your home or business. When using halogen downlights for example, a large amount of heat is dissipated into the roof space. This adds stress to ducted cooling systems located in the roof and hence reduces cooling efficiency. LED downlights on the other hand operate at around 60 to 100 degrees less than halogens and this results in a considerably less amount of heat dissipation.

No UV & IR Radiation

LED's only emit visible light and no UV or IR radiation. This makes it extremely safe for your skin or eyes in long term exposure.

Shock Proof

LED's are solid state lighting. This means they do not comprise of any delicate suspended components or gas filled globes. They are much more likely to survive a drop in comparison to a halogen, fluoroscent or incandescent.

Plug & Play

All LED's come with standard fitting sockets similar to all other types of bulbs in the market. Hence no special fixtures or converters are required.

Energy savings

LED's are known to produce more light energy per Watt of power than any other common light sources such as incandescents, halogens and fluorescents. For example, a 9-12W LED lamp can produce an amount of light close to a 40-50W halogen bulb. This results in a huge amount of electricity savings which is especially useful in times when electricity prices are starting to reach the sky. The reason LED's are very efficient is because unlike incandescent, halogens and fluorescents, they only emit visible light and no UV or IR radiation. This means less energy is wasted in the form of heat and invisible light.

Cost savings

As mentioned above LED’s can save up to big percentage of the energy in comparison to current lighting sources. This results in a reduction in the cost your electricity bill. As electricity prices are constantly rising, switching to LED’s means you start to save a significant amount of money.


LED’s are known to have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. That equates to almost 17 years of life if used every day for 8 hours a day. That is an amazing lifespan which means you do not have to bother changing your bulbs frequently. Over a period of time you will end up purchasing less number of bulbs which in turn again reduces your overall cost of lighting.

Purchase cost recovery

LED lighting is still a fairly new technology and require good power management circuits to enable them to function efficiently and reliably. This is the reason LED's are fairly expensive. However the large cost savings you make from the reduction in your electricity bill means that the purchase cost of your LED lamp can be recovered in less than 2 years depending on its usage. This means the LED’s you purchase can be considered to be FREE.  It is a great investment for your home or business.

Environmental Benefits

The energy savings you can make from switching to LED lighting will definitely contribute to the reduction in greenhouse emissions. Hence switching to LED’s will allow you to do your part for the environment. LED’s are also do not contain any mercury unlike current energy saving fluorescents. This along with their long lifespan further reduces environmental pollution during disposal.
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