LG Optimus L7 Buying Guide

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LG Optimus L7 Buying Guide

One of the many Android compatible smartphones on the market, the LG Optimus L7 is a touch screen model released in 2012. The phone is one of three designs available on the LG Electronics L-style range; the others being the L3 and the L5.

The Optimum L7 can be found on eBay from a variety of sellers, potentially at prices less than commonly found on the high street or other online outlets.

What Does the Optimus L7 Offer?

The Optimus L7 is manufactured to be the top phone in the L-style range, equipped with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It is a more than capable phone for its mid-level standing and although it does not compete totally with other high-quality leading smartphone models, it is more than practical for its retail price.

  • Hardware – The design of the phone is one of its standout features. It isn't crafted eloquently but is by no means unattractive to look at and has a contemporary, sophisticated appearance. Although the handset measures 8.7mm in thickness, the rounded edges and tapered back cover create a thinner appearance.
  • Size and Weight – The height and weight dimensions of the phone come in at 125.5mm and 67.1mm respectively. Combined with a weight of just 122 grams, the phone can be carried around inconspicuously. Despite this, it does remain sturdy and fills the user with confidence that it will handle any tough blows.
  • Design – The screen is 4.3 inches in size and includes a physical home button underneath. Back and menu touch buttons are also present, whilst the back includes a horizontal camera pod. The volume adjuster is included on the left-hand side with a micro USB port on the bottom.
  • Battery – The battery used in the phone is 1,700mAh Li-Ion cell and with only a single-core processor to deal with, its lifespan is one of the phone's selling points. For the average consumer who doesn't use their phone strenuously all day long, the battery is more than reliable.
  • Display – The Optimus L7 has an IPS LCD display with a 480x800 pixel resolution. The screen is capable of multi touch also. The viewing experience for websites is a commendable area of the phone, whilst typing easily on the extended keyboard is also a beneficial feature.
  • Camera – The phone incorporates a 5 megapixels LED flash camera, which although won't compete with other top-of-the-range models, is more than sufficient for producing quality images. Auto focus is available, alongside three main colour effects; these being mono, sepia, and negative. One other useful feature is the volume curser switch to move the image up and down, making it much easier to take a quick picture.
  • Video – Capturing videos is possible, with 640x480 pixel revolution quality provided. Viewing what has been recorded on the phone will produce a clear video for instant enjoyment. Zooming is also possible whilst recording is in process. There is a dedicated video app which supports the AVI, MP4, DivX and Xvid formats.
  • Storage – The storage capacity comes in at 4GB, although external storage is available up to 32GB with the microSD slot around the back of the handset.

Buying on eBay

If looking to shop on eBay then use this section to make the buying process simpler. Remember to stay safe on the site and read the company's guidelines before committing to a purchase.

In order to bring up the most relevant results, use the search bar and then enter the most appropriate category from the left-hand side of the page. Type in ‘LG Optimus L7' or just ‘Optimus L7' from the home page and then select thePhones category. For the actual handset models, selectMobile Phones or for any additional items select Mobile Accessories.

Sort the listings if necessary, for example by those priced thelowest, or those located only in Australia. When a suitable product has been found, click on the item and review the details left by the seller as carefully as possible. One key aspect to consider is whether the phone is unlocked, and can be used instantly with a personal sim card.

If worried about any aspect of the purchase, check out the seller's history on eBay. This should give a clear indication of their credentials and whether or not the transaction should be pursued. Contacting other eBayers is possible whilst on their personal profile page.

eBay Deals

The Optimus L7 will generally cost around $170 up to over $200 depending on which shopping outlet is chosen. Used or auction items on eBay can sometimes present phones at better prices than can be found elsewhere however.

Another way to sniff out the best offers is to look through the phones on eBay Deals. From the home page, enter the Electronics section and browse the items under the Phones category for any Optimus L7 models at reduced prices and with free postage also.


The LG Optimus L7 is an entry-level handset into the smartphone world, with enough style and elegance to become a smart purchase. Although better performing phones can be found at higher prices, the L7 provides a sturdy, practical and long-lasting alternative for a reasonable amount.

Check out the deals on eBay and the options available to consumers who use the site, such as the different buying facilities and personal contact with the seller.

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